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Archive for September, 2006

Digg Added

I've added Digg support to this site. In the little "info bar" (or whatever you'd call it) - the grey area with the title, the permalink, the comments and TrackBack links - you'll now see a "Digg This" link with the little "digger" fellow. If you'd like to digg something, I suggest this article. I'm […]

RSS and Copyright Continued

Over the weekend, it came to my attention that a site (I won't link to them, or even mention their name) was re-publishing content from The Sand Trap's RSS feed, sans author and copyright information. The summary text, often with images, was being re-published. The Sand Trap was not the only site having content stolen […]

iTunes AppleScripts I Use

I don't know where I got them all - some I wrote myself - but most can probably found at Add to iPod Shuffle - No longer works now that iTunes 7 doesn't keep your Shuffle listed once it's ejected. Did just what the title says it did in iTunes 6. Erik is Listening […]

My Album Art Quest is Over

Using the script posted yesterday in the comments along with Marc Friedenberg's "Find Songs Without Artwork" script have let me finish my album art quest. Yes, I am done. In fact, I have only a few files left without album art… and they're the cover booklets (PDF or Flash-based .mov files) you sometimes get from […]

Bill Gump

I said it last year, and I'll say it again: Bill Cowher is the weak link on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bill Cowher's insistence that rookies can't play (Willie Reid, for one). Bill Cowher's insistence that people like Ricardo Colclough belong in the NFL (when clearly they do not). Bill Cowher's second-quarter turtling. Bill Cowher's lack […]

iTunes Artwork in ID3

I like iTunes ability to download artwork. I wish I could select a bunch of tracks and say "copy artwork to ID3 tag" or "embed artwork." I don't like having a folder full of small, unusually named files that contain album artwork (~/Music/iTunes/Album Artwork/Download/A22946F3CF4847ED/13/10/14, anyone?). I want to embed the album covers I've downloaded inside […]

I'm sitting downstairs on my 12" PowerBook. I've mounted via file sharing a disk on my G5 upstairs. The transfer of 400 MB of pictures was going to take about 40 minutes (after a minute of waiting). I unchecked "Use Interference Robustness" on my PowerBook and the estimate dropped to seven minutes. I waited a […]

Quick Audit of Non-Universal Pref Panes

Only one turns up: the MySQL pref pane. I've disabled it (and downloaded the Intel version of the MySQL installer). Ho hum. I wonder why they haven't managed to make a Universal version? All it does is sent a terminal command via a button (I believe). I wonder if my MySQL databases will be copied […]

QotD: Wii to Fail?

Question: Will the Wii fail with dedicated gamers? My Answer: Some at slashdot seem to think so. I don't. I think, as one of the early posters said, that gamers want a break from the same-old. Combined with the new appeal the Wii will have with non-gamers (read: my wife and others like her), and […]

QotD: Ryder Cup 2K6

Question: Do you have any interest in the Ryder Cup? My Answer: Naturally I do! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Upgrading to Mac Pro Plans

Currently, my G5-to-Mac Pro upgrade plans are as follows: De-authorize G5 for iTunes. Back up main hard disk to second 250 GB disk in G5. Install 250 GB disk as third disk in Mac Pro. Use Tiger migration assistant to copy everything (apps, user files, settings, etc.) to primary Mac Pro drive (of two 500 […]

Boot Camp Issues with Radeon X1900?

From Also, the firmware update does not fix the boot display issues with the Radeon X1900XT. It doesn't harm it either... I can still boot into Windows XP but get a black screen until the boot process goes out of the lower resolution mode as before. (However those with only a 23in Cinema display […]

PowerMac G5 For Sale

Yes, I'm selling it. Why? My Mac Pro has shipped - that's why. As soon as I pull the information off the hard drive(s) in my G5, I won't have much use for it. I can't even think of a way to use it here around the house. Dual 2 GHz PowerPC 970 (G5) 2 […]

I’d Rather be Cummins

The stickers on the back of the truck in this photo, taken with my camera phone while driving in Ohio on I-90 read "I'd Rather be Cummins Then Strokin'." The fact that the bozo has his grammatical ignorance on display for all to see is at least close to being the most amusing thing about […]

Six Hour Rounds

I will not tolerate a six-hour round of golf. It's that simple. 😛