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Archive for September, 2006

Cranberry Highlands

Jeff - of The Sand Trap - and I played Cranberry Highlands golf course today. It was pretty incredible, really - a very unique and interesting course. Thick rough, etc. After getting off to a bone-headed start (I blame coin-jingling, flag-walking, putt-interrupting Dave), I played the last 13 holes in only one over. Not too […]

Assistant Coaching High School Golf

I am no more. Suffice to say a lack of discipline from the coach made the decision to stop wasting my time an easy one. On the way to the airport to pick up Jeff yesterday, I called the father of the one boy on the team about whom I had a lot of good […]

Wii Pricing and Pre-Ordering

The Wii price has been announced - $249. A bit higher than some suspected, but still reasonable. $49.99 for games, $39 and $19 for the remote and nunchuck. When will pre-orders be available?

Keith is no fan of Georgie W: Discuss as you wish.

iTunes 7 and Music Videos

I have a few music videos. Some I bought from iTunes, others I encoded myself from DVDs. Aside from some Black Eyed Peas music videos (Dum Diddly, Pump It, and My Style) and a Death Cab for Cutie video (Soul Meets Body), which all show up in my "Movies" library, and my TV shows which […]

QotD: iTunes 7 Thoughts

Question: What are your thoughts on iTunes 7? My Answer: I like the new look, in general, though I wish I could condense some of the source list views with a disclosure triangle. Cover Flow view seems nice. The look takes some getting used to, but I suspect it's very Leopard-like. The "tabs" are a […]

Fall 2006 TV Schedule

From Laurel's TV Picks, I've cobbled together this ready-made list of TV picks for 2006's fall season. It doesn't include some shows I regularly record on The Golf Channel, but it does include the shows my wife watches. And no, Desperate Housewives isn't her pick, it's ours. Hers for reasons unknown, mine for one very […]

iTunes Showtime

I wish Apple had streams of events like these. People could have even paid $0.99 to tune into the stream via iTunes. 😉

The Problem I Have with Parallels

The problem I have with Parallels is that it doesn't seem like I can just format an entire disk and install Windows on it - I have to install it onto a disk image. Boot Camp, if I understand it correctly, can be used to install Windows on an entire drive. That's ideal - I […]

MovableType’s Search Disparity

I searched The Sand Trap for a term using both the public interface and the back-end search available at the "Entries" screen. The former took 63 seconds. The latter took four. It matters not when or in what order I do the searches. The same search results are returned. Why this disparity exists is beyond […]

iMockups of Tuesday Apple Products

Some of these are simply laughable. I mean, a tough-screen phone? That would be horrid! Make sure you view beyond the first page of mockups.

So, a long-lost Microsoft employee emailed me and will be supplying a copy of Windows XP Pro for $35. Yippee. And Brad, who took time out from working on Iris, informed me that the four-week holdup on my Mac Pro is due to the Airport Express card, of all things. Apparently in the Mac Pro, […]

The Definition of Success

Success - /suh k-ses'/, noun - the happy feeling you get between the time you do something and the time you tell a woman what you did. (attr: Dilbert.) Sounds about right. 😛

Many years ago, I owned two sites: Sound Set Central and AppleScript Central. Both had sound sets and AppleScripts primarily for the Microsoft email clients, though some of the AppleScripts worked with iTunes, AOL Instant Messenger, the Finder, and other applications, and some of the Sound Sets could be used with other applications as well. […]

Windows XP Cheap?

With a Mac Pro on its way (some day), I suppose I must start looking for an inexpensive copy of Windows XP (preferably not "Home"). I plan to keep the two 500 GB drives as my main drives - one for backup - and use one of the 250 GB drives in my current G5 […]