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Archive for February, 2007

Bone Age

You can read more on bone age at Wikipedia, of course.

Safari’s Memory Usage

Currently, with four browser windows open (with 1 tab, 1 tab, 2 tabs, and 12 tabs in each), Safari is taking up 727 MB REAL, 1.23 GB VIRTUAL. Earlier today, I shit you not, with about 50% more windows/tabs (a total of about 24 total pages loaded), Safari was at 2.77 GB VIRTUAL and over […]

Lightroom is receiving a comment whoopin' at O'ReillyNet. The commenters dislike Lightroom's modules, praising Aperture for its "uni-module" design which naturally leads to a more cohesive user interface. Aperture, for me - despite having a dual 3 GHz Mac Pro with 5 GB RAM and 200+ GB free space on the boot drive - is […]

Where to Buy Incense Sticks?

I've looked in a few stores (including Wal-Mart). I'd like to buy some incense sticks (for this), but I'm not sure where to find them in Erie. I could probably find some at Spencer's or a head shop, but I'd prefer to avoid those places. I just want to take pictures of smoke, not mask […]

Something I have to look into sooner or later: the order in which Subscribe to Comments and Live Comment Preview output their data/controls is bad. StC puts its "subscribe" checkbox after LCP's preview text. Thus, the longer someone's comment is (and the more likely they want to subscribe to see if anyone's followed up), the […]

Your Highlight Color

{democracy:8} And more importantly, what does our choice say about us? 🙂 Mine's currently set to purple, though in the past few months I've been changing it regularly. Blue or yellow are likely my all-time favorites.

I read on one of the many photography forums out there that someone right-clicked on an image and saw the EXIF data. On the Mac, the only two lightweight applications (1 and 2) are written for Intel Macs, and PhotoToolCM hasn't been updated since about the time Steve Jobs returned to Apple ((I'm exaggerating, yes.)). […]

MediaTemple Performance

I'm absolutely livid with MediaTemple currently. LIVID. For the past two weeks, my server - which hosts a vBulletin forum, two popular blogs (with caching enabled), and a few other little piddly sites that are lucky to get 1000 hits per day. I'm hosting with the $50 (dv)Base plan, and despite a month and a […]

New $1 U.S. Coins

I'm all for the $1 coins. But shouldn't we eliminate the penny first? The penny, last I heard, costs more to make than it's worth. I can just hear our President saying "Sure, that's true, but we'll make it up in volume!" Ditch the penny. Keep the $1 coin. It'll make people who use vending […]

A few minutes ago, I received an email from "Dave S" of "ReputationDefender, Inc." In short, the email requested that I remove a comment by Julian on a very old entry. I was asked to make this change because "he considers his comments to be outdated" and that complying would "go a long way to […]

I posted briefly about this "thing" yesterday, but today I'm officially announcing that I'm looking for an entrepreneurial web developer/designer. If you're skilled - and I don't care whether it's in PHP or Ruby or whatever - get in touch with me. I will not discuss details of the project for at least a week […]

With the recent news that MarsEdit has been acquired by Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater, now is definitely the time for ecto to step up to the plate and begin to deliver solid updates (progressing into the beta) of version 3.0. I've used ecto for a long, long time. I like the way it works. […]

Free Lightroom Video Tutorials

From the WhiBal guy, Michael Tapes, come about two hours of Lightroom tutorial videos. Though he's on a PC, adjusting the keyboard shortcuts he mentions is relatively painless as most shortcuts are done without the use of the ctrl key on Windows. I'm considering picking up a WhiBal, but I'll wait to see if I […]

In WordPress 2.1, I encountered a few problems uploading images. One of the problems was solved with a plugin that disables the creation of a thumbnail. Two others are solved with a nightly cron job. The last problem - renaming of images and ignoring of specified paths - was solved by commenting out $name = […]

New Camera Gear

Just wanted to get this up. I de-saturated the image because it's mostly a black-and-white image anyway. Just the red rings and the green table tennis top add some color.