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Archive for February, 2007

My Morning and Nightly AppleScripts

Two entries in my crontab look a little funny to some people: 0 7 * * * /Users/iacas/ 0 23 * * * /Users/iacas/ tell application "System Events" if exists (process "ScreenSaverEngine") then tell application "System Events" to set volume with output muted end if end tell tell application "System Events" to set […]

Tomlin is Impressive

I've not yet seen anything about Mike Tomlin that disappoints. Here's his full interview with KDKA.

On Choosing a Gravatar

I am, in no particular order, a geek, a Mac user, a husband, a (step)father, a golfer, a pool player, a TV viewer (with a few favorite shows), and a photographer (kinda). I play pool, I work for myself and do a variety of tasks, and I live in Erie, PA but have lived elsewhere, […]

An Idea for the Record Companies

It's simple: for the month of March, allow iTunes songs to be sold without DRM. See whether your sales increase or decrease. People buying songs from iTunes are buying it despite the DRM (i.e. they're honest people, or they're too lazy to look for pirated music - either way, they're paying). The people who are […]

Backwards Comments

I despise comments posted "backwards" - with the newest comments at the top. The O'Reilly blogs do this and it absolutely drives me nuts. Not only do people read top to bottom, meaning they have to then scan over text they've already read and past text they've not yet read to get to the next […]

Danny Gans

I hereby swear I'll never see a Danny Gans show in Vegas (or anywhere else) so long as I live.

Arians Throws out the Playbook

Woohoo! Bruce Arians, the Steelers' new offensive coordinator, knows how to keep warm in his new office these frigid February days. He has thrown the thick, old, patchwork playbook on the fire. He promises the new model to be sleek, trimmed down and easy to understand for his players, particularly quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Yet he […]

Nelly Furtado

For those noticing something odd with my iTunes status (namely the near-constant presence of a Nelly Furtado song), yeah, I'm on a bit of a binge. She was on CSI:NY on Wednesday, and the show played "Maneater" and a few other songs. They've embedded themselves in my skull, so I'm hoping to beat them out […]

.Mac Email Acting Up

It's kind of obnoxious when half of .Mac (as far as I'm concerned - and syncing is the other half) doesn't work properly. This has been going on for a few days now.

Comparing Canon Lenses

This site lets you compare Canon lenses at various focal lengths, apertures, etc. Nifty.

For weeks, I've been bothered by the fact that QuickTime's full-screen controls don't appear when viewing content from the Radiant Vista's Daily Critique. The iPod Video versions of their files do, but not the QuickTime versions. Turns out the reason behind this is the inclusion of a Flash track. Disabling the Flash track ("Show Movie […]

AppleScripting Safari Downloads

I've done some testing AppleScripting Safari image downloads from a "members" site (a photography club). Images are always of the form[prefix]xx[suffix].png, with "xx" being a number like 01 or 43. Currently I have a script capable of loading all of the images: I log in to the site and navigate to the images I […]

Jobs’ Open Letter on DRM

Some random thoughts on Jobs' open letter on DRM: I don't think Apple is trying to become its own record label, despite what may or may not have recently happened with the Beatles. The iPod is still the best player, and I think the iTunes Music store is a loss leader, so going DRM-free probably […]

Free MP3 curl Shortcut

Copy and paste this into your Terminal. You may want to cd into a new folder for the occasion. curl -O '{DDTS,BarLa_Eas_GGLive,cracker-low,Smile,bottomoftheworld,copeland_whenyouthought_hi,PIP_fallingbythewayside,ani-difranco-millenium-theater,brian-eno-david-byrne-regiment,spoon-mountain-to-sound,sufjan-the-henney-buggy-band,belle_another,aimee-mann-ill-be-home-christmas,mobylive,bloodbros,postalservice_district2,walkingwithaghost2,knowyouronion,braziliangirls_lazylover,james-kochalka-superstar-silver-can,Goodbye,For_The_Truth_In_You-Dntel_mix,lonelyastronaut(live),IceCream,BreakfastBytheMattressEPVersion,girl_ritter,fatalist_robbers,brother_annuals,darkermylove_summerishere,Nice_Boys_-_Johnny_Guitar,vannuys_los,everybody_guccimane,benjy_country,breakingthrough_figgs,JUSTSAYTHEWORDacu1}.mp3' Thanks, Zune! Unfortunately, the ID3 tags are rather poorly done.

Canon vs. Nikon

I've made my call: I shoot with Canon digital SLRs. Still, many people often ask me which way they should go. I give them the stock answer I was given when I had the same question: Canon has better glass and, currently, offers the only full-frame dSLRs. Still, the question remains: for an entry-level dSLR […]