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Archive for February, 2007

Using Forum Members Site-Wide

This is a bit of a LazyWeb request here, or rather an "I'm busy doing other things and don't yet have the two hours necessary to find the answers, but maybe someone knows offhand" type of post. Anyway, the question is this: are there any forum packages that "expose" their member list for extensibility and […]

Think Secret seems to believe that both Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Mac OS X 10.5 will ship in March. Me, I'm not so sure, and I think a lot of people will be incredibly disappointed if Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't have some massive UI overhaul. A March release would be a first, after all […]

Aperture vs. Lightroom

Ars Technica reviews Lightroom and compares it with Aperture. Though I tend to prefer Apple applications, I'm familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom appears to have made incredible strides since the last beta. I wonder if Aperture 2.0 is around the corner and if many of the features found in Lightroom will make their way into […]

Feed Scuttling

I recently tried to subscribe to the RSS feeds at only to find out that despite listing the feeds in the source (right where you'd expect them) and providing multiple formats, they all simply redirect to an Atom feed. Don't advertise a feed as RSS 2.0 or RSS 1.0, then secretly scuttle users to […]

Adium’s Screwed Up Log Viewer

I've had a problem with the way Adium manages its log files for a long time, and I'm hoping that perhaps there's a solution. Essentially, despite the "aliases" offered by Adium, it still logs many of my conversations under the username. For example, I have a buddy named "Ron" with both an AIM and a […]

Presque Isle Winter Shooting

After installing a new garage door opener, I received a call from Ron asking if I'd like to go to Presque Isle to take pictures. Sure, I said! And we ventured forth. I shot most of the day in aperture priority at f/5.6. I didn't notice that my ISO was set to 400 (I'd have […]

Shooting Fireworks

To shoot fireworks, a generalized setup is: Use a tripod or something else stationary. ISO 100-200 is fine. You want longer exposures and a dark(er) sky. Use "bulb mode" on your camera. Focus on infinity at whatever focal length frames the fireworks. Experiment until you get the timing down, but starting at about 30 seconds […]

Thanks, Car-Pushing Guys

I'd like to thank the guys who helped to dislodge the Aztek from its "stuck in the snow" position earlier this afternoon at the Millcreek 6 Cinema. Thank you. Your kindness and willingness to help has done a good bit to bolster my faith in humanity. Of course, the car got there because I thought […]

Protected: Steve Jobs on Schools

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Snow Over the Mailbox

Yeah, we have a lot of snow. We've probably gotten the normal amount of snow, but the main problem is that almost none of it has melted since it started coming down in early January. This is my "driveway neighbor"'s house.

Gravatar Now Available

If you're looking to get a gravatar, you can now do so. has re-launched and is now a "version 2.0" product. Some of you may have noticed your gravatars appearing next to comments here on my site, and it's true: they do. So, go ahead and get yerself a gravatar. It's (still) free. I […]

The original, more in-depth post is here, but I thought I'd post it here on my blog, too: I need to find a Windows developer to port Scorecard to Windows. Our first developer got so tied up in moving to a new home he forgot to email us for about 45 days straight. 😛

I'd like to find someone or some company capable of making thin metal discs with shapes cut from the middle. Both the circumference and the shape - which must be centered - would need to be sized within reasonable limits (one to two millimeters). These discs could be made of something like aluminum and really […]

Your Display’s Gamma

{democracy:6} A friend sent me a link to an article titled "This is your Mac on drugs." My initial response to him was that Safari was using ICC profiles, which was a good thing, and simply specifying gamma - brighter or darker - really doesn't matter. In fact, I prefer 1.8 because the color curves […]

On Garages in Snowy Weather

Garages are for storing cars, shielding them from the elements. Today I watched, off and on, my neighbors spend more than one hour shoveling around the cars they parked in their driveway. I cleared my entire driveway and the sidewalks around my house in one third the time. Not only that, but my cars - […]