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Archive for May, 2007

2007 Eye Prescription

My eye prescription from before: Spherical Cylindrical Axis O.D. -1.50 -1.75 48 O.S. -1.00 -2.25 150 P.D. Right: 33.5 P.D. Left: 32.0 For my own knowledge, of course.

African Violet

Mother’s Day 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all the fantastic mothers out there. You may have the most important job in the world, and you do it so well.

Today on ESPN's Outside the Lines, Bob Ley headed the discussion surrounding (on Mother's Day, of course) of pregnant female college athletes on athletic scholarship. The question: should they forfeit their scholarship? Several issues surfaced in support of allowing the student athletes to retain their scholarship, not the least of which was Title 9, which […]


Carey likes to say that our two hobbies mesh nicely together. I photograph, she scrapbooks. I kid her about the expense of scrapbooking, and how much time she spends doing it, but that's all I'm doing: kidding.

Bike Racks

I'd like to get a bike rack for either the Touareg (preferred) or the Aztek (not as preferred, since we'll be getting rid of it first). We only need to hold two bikes - mine and Carey's. We're also not looking to take any big trips with the rack. We'll probably just go to Presque […]

Power Out Again

Power was out again today… for five hours. It's incredibly difficult to, you know, get work done from home when you have no power. Screw you, Penelec. 😛

I have a few Whispering Woods notes for the people I know have been reading my site for updates. 🙂 Because I've been asked several times, yes, I've joined. I've still got my Lake View membership, too, but am looking forward to trying out Whispering Woods. The one advantage it has over Lake View is […]


When I was a kid, my mother forbid us from saying the word "fart." We had to say we "poofed" or we "stinkered." We also couldn't say anything "sucked," so we said it "zucked" after we saw the name of a road near the mall: Zuck Road.

Today I began working, in earnest, on a project that will be done by the end of the month. It's going to be an entire site built in WordPress. I learned a lot doing the EDGA site that will apply to this. I'm sure I'll post more later when the project is completed.

Today I visited the Cleveland Zoo. It was very easy to find and it only took 1:40 to get there. Some photos from the trip appear below. I took everything I own (basically), but only used the 70-200/2.8 IS all day. I should have probably put the circular polarizer on - it would have helped […]

Yesterday I played a course called Eagle Sticks. I came away very impressed. If you live near Zanesville, OH, the course is definitely one to check out. The fact that I "seemingly" hit 320-yard drives all day didn't hurt matters, either. 😉

Question: What technology gadget do you think you'll buy next? Which would you like to buy next? My Answer: I'll probably pick up an AppleTV. We really need a new laptop, but I don't see that being in the cards any time soon. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

Eject Key Delay

Ever since I got my Mac Pro last year, the eject keys have been "slower" to react than they were on my G5. I'm using the same keyboard. I have the dual optical drive Mac Pro, but I don't think that makes much of a difference. By "slower" I mean that instead of tapping the […]

This dialog keeps appearing today. I've yet to choose "Keep Both," but it matters not whether I choose "This Mac" or "iDisk" - the dialog reappears a few minutes later.