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Archive for May, 2007

Played Mystic Rock today. Shot 39 on the front nine with a double bogey at the ninth after a tap-in birdie at the previous hole. I was a bit distracted on the back nine and gave up keeping track of the score after I crunched a drive at the 11th only to lose the ball. […]

Two Days in Columbus

I spent two days in Columbus and am now back in Erie overnight. I picked up The Sand Trap staff member Alan Olson. Tomorrow we'll leave early (again) to play Nemacolin Woodlands (Mystic Rock course, previous site of the 84 Lumber Classic) and then we'll make our way to Columbus, OH to cover The Memorial […]

Got up early today (4am) and was on the road by about 4:30. Destination: Dublin, OH, site of this year's Memorial Tournament, hosted by Jack Nicklaus. Dublin is a small suburb in the northwest corner of Columbus, OH, and is a hoot to attend. Hopefully we can avoid the weather (heat, humidity, and thunderstorms) that […]

Memorial Day 2K7

Came off without a hitch. I got in some golf at Whispering Woods. I vacuumed the house. We had a cookout. We burned some of the wood that's been piling up. And now we're relaxing inside. A very, very good day.

Happy Second Anniversary

To me and my wife. We were going to weed this weekend, but it's rained or been yucky since about 11am yesterday. Perhaps we'll be weeding on Memorial Day.

Mac/PC Spoofs

Laurie McGuinness spoofs the Mac/PC ads. I'm always up for a good parody, but these are rather bad. Most of the ads seemingly exist just to poke fun at stereotypes. In "Money," Mac is paid a dollar for graphic design work. In reality, graphic designers make a good bit of money and, last I heard, […]

Though I don't assign multiple categories to posts here at, I do at The Sand Trap in two instances: for "Hot Topics" and "Reviews." The former helps me fill out the "Top Stories" section in the sidebar and the latter simply helps me direct people to our reviews (via I discovered in WordPress […]

Shrek the Third

Third time's a charm, they say. Good things come in threes, they say. Not Shrek. Ugh, was the third version terrible. Absolutely freaking terrible. Bad all around. Far too much (bad) adult humor for kids to get, almost no kid humor, and with a storyline I couldn't have cared less about. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Since updating to WordPress 2.2, times reported back to my blog editor (be it ecto or MarsEdit) are incorrect. They're the UTC time and not the adjusted time (-4 for me currently). Since ecto and, I presume, other blog editors pass the time along as part of the XMLRPC statement when they're posted, subsequent editing […]

Heroes Season Finale

Sucked. So much so that I don't think I'll watch the next year. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was something better than that, for sure.

Rubik’s Cubes

Toys 'R' Us didn't have any Rubik's Cubes. After watching The Pursuit of Happyness last night ((Specifically, the DVD extra feature on the Rubik's Cube.)) and doing some reading about the methods of solving the puzzle, I'd like to get one. Are they available at Wal-Mart or Target? Or should I just buy online and […]

MacBook Pro Upgrade

The MacBook Pro is likely to be updated soon, but not before I'd really like to use it: May 28-June 3 and June 11-17. I'll be covering The Memorial and The U.S. Open both weeks and shooting a lot of images. The 12" PowerBook really won't handle the load very smoothly. What to do, what […]

Humanity of Zoos

An unattributed quote I saw written on the back of a flyer I found today: "A zoo's humanity cannot be measured by the square footage to which a once-wild animal is confined, but how the animals affect those who visit and their attempts to save the natural habitats of other animals." Makes sense to me.

In using an NSToolbar, we have a few items that move when the option key is held down because the name of the item changes. For example, one toolbar item changes from "Do It" to "Do It All" ((Not really - I'm being vague on purpose.)) when the option key is held down. Currently, we're […]

banner Command

I never knew about the 'banner' command. Now I do. Nifty. Not at all useful, really, but nifty. 🙂