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Archive for May, 2008

As of right now, Cynical Peak has no plans to add a mobile version of Scorecard even for the simple task of entering in round statistics while you're on the golf course. Why? Apple still has not provided a way to sync via the one method every iPhone and iPod Touch user is guaranteed to […]

Scorecard 1.3 is now available for download for both Mac and Windows! The main star of this release is the new "Best vs Worst" table in the stats window. The new table presents a comparison of key performance indicators which allow you to quickly and easily see what part of your game goes wrong when […]

Suffice to say, Ian Poulter lost at least one fan today, if not tens or hundreds. Oh well - I got a funny story out of it.

From Adriaan in the ecto support forums: The official announcement will be made soon (once we've moved and set up the infrastructure), but yes, I've sold ecto to illumineX for a variety of reasons I will explain in a blog post accompanying the official announcement. It's a move that's definitely for the best. I'm also […]

Three Year Anniversary

As of today, I've been married for three years. Here's to three more! 😉

Remember the Battle

Not much to say today, so instead I'll remind you to check out the Photo Battle Blog every day. Also, I'll soon have the opportunity to give the 300/2.8L a workout.

Oh come on. How about we just make home run fences that aren't so ambiguous? Either a ball leaves the field of play or it doesn't Eliminate these stupid lines painted on things. Eliminate the "shelves" that some home run fences have. Move the fans back a few feet so they can't interfere. Instant replay […]

Digital Radio Recorders

I'm not sure what they call DVRs for radio, but why is it that we're just now getting them in cars, and even then, only the high-end cars? A lot of times lately I've heard the end of a commercial talking about a special offer, the dates of some event, a funny quote - something […]

Nuclear Powered Cars

I've been saying for quite awhile now that if we took the money we spend on the war in Iraq in one week, and divided it up among 5-10 schools, companies, and others capable of doing research, we'd all be driving around in gasoline-free cars within five to eight years. Ethanol, from what I understand, […]

Wrong Numbers

It strikes me as funny the number of people who, upon reaching me at a wrong number, react "poorly." Most of the "poor" reactions are a simple "click" as they hang up. How about saying "Oh, sorry. Goodbye." Some will ask if this is 555-1234 (which is fine), and then argue with me that it […]

.Mac Not Syncing

I have three computers right now: a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, and a 12" PowerBook. For some reason, I've noticed that the MacBook Pro is not syncing properly with .Mac. My keychains aren't right. Bookmarks don't synchronize themselves properly. I delete a bookmark on the MacBook Pro and it isn't deleted on the Mac […]

My Kid Could Paint That

Carey and I just watched "My Kid Could Paint That" and I've got to admit I'm pretty skeptical. Even "Ocean," the painting Marla Olmstead is seen painting end to end in a DVD, looks little like most of her other paintings. Who knows? It's an interesting movie, and I think others should watch it. If […]

Yard Work Begun

The back yard is already beginning to feel a lot more spacious. Today, topsoil was put down. Tomorrow, the topsoil will be spread, some holes will be filled in, and the seeds, fertilizer, and mulch will be put down. Then, some day later this week, our bushes will be put in along the edge of […]

We just purchased a little keyboard, and after "oohing" and "ahhhing" at the number of songs that are included, the various instruments, etc. I checked what I'd long ago heard was an important thing in choosing an electronic keyboard for learning: "velocity." It's my understanding that "velocity" is a measure of how hard you hit […]

Whispering Woods, one of the two courses to which I belong, placed third earlier today in the EDGA's Interclub tournament. My score acted as a tie-breaker to edge out Kahkwa, as we both had 399 totals. I played like crap and really need to put my swing on video to eliminate the one or two […]