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Archive for October, 2011

Sweet! Adjustments made to your phone are imported into Aperture as adjustments which can be undone! Still, the age-old advice still applies: get it right "in the camera."

Siri Dictation Commands

CrushApps has a nice list of dictation commands. I am glad that a few of the smiley faces and things are on there. I wish I knew how to get one more - the 😀 smiley (colon-dash-D). But anyway. I will point out that I don't think the speech recognition stuff should really be called […]

Dave loaned me a Speck case (the Candyshell, I think, in black) to see if I wanted to get that kind. When he bought his iPhone 4, the AT&T guy told him it was the "best" case out there. He uses it sometimes, but more often than not uses his black Apple Bumper. Carey, the […]

iPhone -> Kid’s iPod Touch That's the plan. The kiddo has already bought her case - an Otterbox one. But the question remains: how do I "best" do this? Ideally I'd like to preserve the games that we've already purchased (my wife and I have separate iTunes accounts, of course), but if that can't be done, we'll just have […]

iOS 5 First Impressions

Related to iOS 5 (i.e. iCloud): It took about 45 minutes for the phone itself to update. The wireless, delta changes will go much more smoothly… one would hope. iCloud was down for quite awhile. I was told after finally semi-converting to wait a "few" hours, then "about an hour," and then I was able […]

iPhone 4S are Shipping

The iPhones have shipped. Carey's getting a 16 GB white iPhone and I have a 64 GB black one on the way. I still haven't decided on a case, but I note that you can create your own Speck case at Tempting… that or I'll just get the lime green bumper and be done […]

I've previously quoted it, but I'd never embedded it. By now everyone's seen this a few times over, but it's still 15 minutes well spent.

Steve Jobs Silhouette Apple

Steve Jobs : Hero

The word "hero" in terms of a leading graphic or image means a certain thing, but Apple's name for the image of Steve Jobs currently on the website is simply known as "t_hero.png" and one can't help but think that "hero" means something else entirely today. Steve Jobs, Hero:

Steve Jobs :

Steve Jobs :

The Passing of Steve Jobs

What saddens me most is that we'll never again get to see "one more thing." Apple will continue to do great things - Steve has instilled his mindset, his will, his whim and fancy throughout the company - but we'll never know what could have been. Steve Jobs is safely inside the top ten list […]

Something isn't quite right.

Nice! We'll update it in Analyzr soon!

We've built out a new page that compares the features that vary between Analyzr Pro and Analyzr Student. The feature comparison list may not be complete but we'll add to it as we think of things. Essentially, if you're just an average golfer, Student will fit you 99% of the time. If you're an advanced […]