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Archive for October, 2014

Travel Tips

35 Things That Make Travel Suck Less I resisted these for years, a) because they're expensive and b) because the recommended models tended to be bulky over-the-ear types (e.g. Bose QC-15s) which can get hot and suck if you wear a hat. This was dumb. If you travel a lot, I recommend you go out […]

Girls and Coding

A Teenager Gets Grilled By Her Dad About Why She’s Not That Into Coding and Girls Who Code.

1Password Keyboard Shortcuts

1Password for Mac Tips: meet 1Password mini and its not-so-mini list of shortcuts Cmd-O is nice.

Save Documents Locally by Default

Saving locally by default: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool false Reason for this: Yosemite Uploads Unsaved Documents and Recent Addresses to iCloud

MapsConnect from Apple Cool.

Happy Birthday Wife

My wife only gets better with age. Today, she's 37. And I made sure she knew it. 😉

My Next Desktop May be an iMac

Assuming I can find the storage space I need ((I have four 3-TB drives on my Mac Pro. Only two contain original content. One is the Time Machine backup, and the other is a cloned nightly bootable backup drive. At any rate, a simple Thunderbolt multi-drive dock may be all I need. And a Thunderbolt […]

CVS, Apple Pay, and CurrentC

Retailers are disabling NFC readers to shut out Apple Pay So… Retailers are banding together to: Keep more money for themselves Limit choices for consumers (you can still pay with your VISA, at no extra cost to the retailer, but you can't do it by waving your phone in front of a machine?) Directly withdraw […]

Yosemite’s Look and Feel

Thoughts on Yosemite's Look and Feel In the meantime, though, I find Yosemite lacking in polish, full of awkward decisions and unresolved tensions. Safari, in particular, seems to have trouble balancing theory—the idea that the same software on iOS and OS X should share a structurally similar user interface—with execution—its symmetrical arrangement of interface elements […]

SMS Forwarding Rocks

Worth the price ((Even if it was still $29)) of Yosemite alone. Seriously.

Aperture import plugin now available. Step-by-step directions are here. The plugin of course does not import ANY modifications to the images. It just imports the raw images right across. I'm waiting to see what Photos brings. Apple has supposedly said they'd support Yosemite at least, and Aperture launches and works on Yosemite right now, so […]

Apple Pay Available… Kinda

None of my four credit cards (three are debit, one of which is PayPal) support it yet. Bah. Get on the ball, PNC. Apple Pay: An in-depth look at what's behind the secure payment system

OS X Yosemite Annoyances

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review Safari Tabs - I preferred the old way. This "scrolling" view is stupid. Safari Page Titles - Who needs 'em? Oh wait, I do. A tab is simply too small a space for important information like the name of the page (or an image's dimensions, etc.). iTunes […]

Gone Girl

Boring. Don't bother to see it if you've heard about the plot. Seriously, not one interesting part. And some seriously fucked up people. Who stays with that woman in the end? And why was the woman like that at all? You can't relate to either of the main characters. Or even the sister. The only […]

CrashPlan for Local Backups?

A comment here: Begemann's Backblaze Review - I've replace Time Machine (which repeatedly failed and erased my history) with Crashplan for lokal backup as well as cloud backup. Very convenient. Even when I'm away from home the backup goes to my local backup at home. (And then there is the option to backup to friends […]