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Dropbox Referral Code

If you sign up for Dropbox (which I recommend you do), please feel free to use this link. I'm told I can get up to another 3 GB of free space if enough people do.

Sadly, it does not fix the caching issues. Hrm.

New Safari Beta Soon Please?

I've gotten used to Safari 4's "tabs on top." It doesn't mean I like them, and all of my previous complaints are still valid (to me). That said, I'd really like an update to the beta, even if all it did was fix this problem.

Does this mean that this will no longer be possible ( or is it just talking about ""?

iDisk Sooooooooooo Slow

Why on earth is my iDisk so freakin' slow. Isn't it just a .dmg on my disk that's automatically synced with cloud? Why do operations like copying a file to it or writing a file to it take so bloody long? And why is this still an issue?

Safari 4’s Top Tabs



{democracy:51} If your answer is a bit more complex than what's available above, say why in the comments. I haven't installed it yet - not on my Macs, nor my virtual Windows setups - and don't plan to, either.

… but every time I hear "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones I think of the Windows 95 parody song.

Pay for Internet

How much do you pay for Internet service per month? What kind (cable, DSL, FIOS, etc.) do you have and what speeds do you get? I pay about $60. I see real-world speeds of 4-8 Mbps from faster sites and my upload is about 700 kbps via Time-Warner/Roadrunner Cable.

Safari 4 Beta

The Safari 4 Beta shipped today, and frankly, I think it stinks. Among the many things that I think are wrong with it: No title bar means it's not easy drag windows. You have to be very careful about where you click. The ability, via command-click, to navigate up the hierarchy is gone. Repurposing of […]

Awesome FlipBook Video

Josh, creator of FlipBook, sent this to me: "Get Well, Bob" - Extended Edition by furbawl

Backing Up to Amazon S3

I've heard of people using Amazon S3 to backup their home computers, and I've looked into doing this a few times… but isn't it incredibly expensive? I just checked and I have 1050 GB I'd like to back up to another location (beyond the one on-site and one off-site location I have now). Storage is […]

Preferences Safari Needs

Hidden or otherwise: Ignore target="_blank". Don't allow websites to modify window (resize, hide status bar, etc.). Block popups on all sites except… ((I never remember to turn it off the first time I try to print a mailing label at More tk… suggest your own in the forum.

Twitter Usernames

140 characters is not much to work with. Keep your Twitter names short. @ replies suck when you're wasting 20 characters on a username. BTW, mine's "iacas." But that falls under "duh." Follow me if you'd like - I'll probably follow you if I have any clue who you are or if you live in […]