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Large MySQL Databases

I'll search the web later for answers, but I thought I'd put this up now and see if anyone had any more directed things so I could narrow my focus a bit. I have a MySQL database that's now 1 GB in size. It has 235 tables, the largest four of which are 263.0 MiB, […]

A few months ago I was looking for a Color Laser Printer. Due to a strong recommendation (and an incredibly cheap price of $119), I've ended up with an HP OfficeJet Pro 8000. It prints via WiFi and I've already printed some sheets, so I'm happy so far. Reviews on are middling. The average […]

iPad Launch Day

It's iPad Launch Day, and I remain 100% entirely unenthused. Between my combination of Mac Pro upstairs, iPhone with me always, and MacBook Pro downstairs by the couch, I have no need at all for an iPad. I will buy one - likely very quickly - when I can get most of my magazine subscriptions […]

No Time for Podcasts Lately

I used to have plenty of time for podcasts. Two hours or so per day, at any rate - Buzz Out Loud, This Week in Photography, and a few others. When I was caught up, I'd have time to listen to This American Life. Lately, no time. I'm tired of telling iTunes to keep downloading […]

I may be printing in color quite a bit soon, and ideally in a way that looks crisp and professional, so I'm looking at potentially buying a color laser printer. What will I be printing? Some photo content, but also some text and some charts and graphs. I haven't done the research, but something tells […]

Who Still Uses SpamArrest?

Seriously? Who uses SpamArrest anymore? How is that thing still around? SpamArrest completely shifts the burden of spam onto legitimate people. I wrote to a company today with a great proposal, and fortunately saw the SpamArrest alert in my spam folder (oh, the irony). I'm sure it's reasonably effective at blocking spam, but at what […]

Digital Card Readers

{democracy:69} I can't fathom being without one. I have a Firewire 800 one for my CompactFlash cards (5D, 5D Mark II) and a USB 2.0 one for my SD cards. Why anyone would plug their cameras directly in to their computer is beyond me. Maybe on occasion for a portable I could see it, but […]


Goodness gracious. Or whatever that phrase is. Spam is not a huge deal for me. I only get 50 or so a day (and most of those come through servers I don't control and thus don't have SpamAssassin on). Hundreds or thousands of emails are blocked and deleted at my server(s) every day. But sometimes, […]

Last POP User in the World

I have two confessions to make. First, I use Entourage for email. I almost never open Word or Excel, but I use (and quite like) Entourage. Second, I use POP. Really don't like IMAP, though it's a weak opinion since I've not used it very much. From 2003 (yeah, I know), this just about captures […]

Erie (where I live) just enacted a cell phone ban that requires handsfree operation (or no operation) of cell phones while driving. It's a secondary offense, meaning that a cop can't pull you over just for the use of a cell phone while driving, but I imagine that if they want to make an example […]

I'm starting to regret re-doing my home network. Don't get me wrong - when things work, they're great. When they don't work, well, not only do they not work but they don't even make sense most of the time. I'll briefly describe my simplified home setup. My cable modem is hooked directly to the outside […]

When you do a search on the site for Dick's Sporting Goods for something they don't have, I find it mildly insulting that they serve up an image of a referee giving you a penalty. Like it's my fault that you don't have anything that even closely resembles "pellet trap." Should I wait 2:00 in […]

Having read this piece at, I changed my Facebook settings primarily to "Only Friends." I recommend you take a good long look at your privacy settings there as well.

If you had to buy a laptop to run Windows - just Windows, and not even anything particularly high-tech (like games or a CAD program or some high-end video editor or something) - would you buy a MacBook or a non-Apple computer? I may be in need of a dedicated Windows machine soon.

Consumerist has the story and of course slashdot picked up on it. The facts of the matter are: It's incredibly obvious when a computer is used by a smoker. Smoking can violate the terms of the warranty the same way spilling pop on your MacBook Pro can violate the terms. Apple is well within their […]