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iTunes Plus $0.30 Upgrades

I'd summarize my points here, but, eh, I don't really want to spend that time. Instead, just head on over to Khoi's pad and check out the discussion. I've posted a few comments, as has Glenn Fleishman. Add yours.

On-(Web)Site Video

A project I'm going to be working on in the next few months will require the use of video online. The videos will be accessible only to certain people, and I'd like to do my normal amount ((My normal amount stems from the fact that I've never cared to expend a bunch of energy to […]

At one point today I typed "homedepot" into my browser's location bar and hit return. I was annoyed, then, when RoadRunner gave me their usual "oops, that's not a valid domain" page: It's the same thing I dislike(d) about OpenDNS and my dislike has not subsided. Fortunately, I noticed today that you can set […]

Drobo Repurposed

Given this problem and the many others I've had with my Drobo ((This includes its complete and utter failure to work as a Time Machine backup - I think my attempts to resize the sparsebundle resulted in failure. I could mount the disk, browse the files, and copy any I wanted to, but Time Machine […]


A long time ago I found Dropbox intriguing. Then I didn't think about it again. Until I read Michael "Rands" Lopp's post on it, after which I signed up immediately. I've already found two good uses for it: I've put my Scorecard data files on it so that I can have up-to-date files on both […]

Parallels 4

Parallels 4 was released a few days ago, and frankly, every new release makes me regret not choosing VMWare. I haven't even tried VMWare, but the rapid-fire nature of the Parallels releases make me feel as if I'm but a lowly cow being milked by the Parallels farmer. "$39 more, please." To those out there […]

Update Dec. 24, 2008: I've long since repurposed my Drobo after running into the same problem a commenter below had: the data backs up but doesn't show itself as a backup in Time Machine. There's a work-around, but it isn't a case of "it just works" at all, so you may want to avoid using […]

Reformatted the Drobo

I've reformatted my Drobo, blowing away every Time Machine backup it had. The thing became "read-only" somehow, had trouble unmounting, and in general became a royal PITA. Of 250 GB that needed backed up ((Best I can figure is that the system reinstall really borked things up.)), Time Machine would back up about 1 GB […]

Cocoa Finder and Gamma 2.2

Based on this article, which talks about the Cocoa Finder in Snow Leopard and a bit more, I've re-set my monitor to a gamma of 2.2. I've resisted this change for quite awhile because, well, all it seems to do is make everything darker and a bit more contrasty. The dynamic range of my screen […]

Time-Warner Down Awhile

And of course, just as I post about the (incorrect) speeds, Time-Warner's RoadRunner service goes down from Friday afternoon until early Monday evening.

Server Disk Died, LiquidWeb

A few days ago, one of the hard drives (or perhaps the hard drive) on my server died. Though it took MediaTemple about 13 hours to notice the dead disk ((I called them as soon as it completely failed. In some respects, it was quite spectacular: I could SSH in, but I couldn't edit files […]

My Drobo 2.0 Experience

After a several-week delay, I finally received the Drobo 2 (Firewire 800) I'd ordered yesterday. I've yet to turn it on (and will update this post when I do) because I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening copying data: From my old main hard drive ("Peter") to a new 1 TB drive (~380 GB). […]


My friend Josh has created an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Flipbook. True to the name, Flipbook allows you to create your very own flipbooks on your iP*, play them back, and share them online. You can view a random flipbook, for example. $9.99 in the iTunes App Store.

My copy of Windows XP runs on an 8 GB disk. At one point, I'd increased the size of the disk to 10 GB, but I've just now discovered that the 2 GB are unavailable and are in another partition. I'd like to add this space on to the main (C) disk, and this article […]