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Who Falls for This?

Sir/Madam, we have logged your IP-address on more than 40 illegal Websites. Important: Please answer our questions! The list of questions are attached. Attachment: "" Seriously, who falls for this kind of crap?

Thunderbolt Looks Cool

An article from Macworld explains all. Looks pretty awesome.


Highly recommend Calvetica. Works great. Apple's "Calendar" is now tucked away in a "folder" I never open. It's a little bit interesting that I use neither iCal on my computers nor Calendar on my iPhone. BusySync and now Calvetica, thank you very much!

MediaTemple (dv) 4.0

This document and this one might come in handy should I ever migrate from (dv)3.5 to (dv)4.0. Not now. The Analyzr launch is way too close.

Facebook’s “Like”

Just a thought… Problem: Your friend Suzy posts on Facebook "Dad's just had a stroke! Racing to the hospital to be with him now!" You don't have a comment, because you never know just what to say, but you'd like to keep apprised of any updates to this status. You're left with the option of […]

Tiger, evolvr, Domain Names

I took that video on my phone and sent it to Dave. He found it amusing enough to make into a video. The domain name is an interesting one. It was bought at auction because it lapsed awhile ago. Long story short and lots of parts left out, but why on earth does someone […]

The Noun Project Symbols in the public domain, many of which could be used in software projects. They're all monotone black, but that's how you want 'em. They're also all .svg files, which may not be how you want 'em, but tough. 😉

Time-Warner/Roadrunner DNS

I've been reading that using Google's DNS servers can cause slow-downs with some types of traffic. Hmmmm… not cool. Anyway, as a precaution should I encounter this, I tried to find my Time-Warner (Roadrunner, NE Ohio section) DNS setttings and, well, I have no idea what they are. I spent a good five minutes looking […]

Sign Up for Dropbox

If you sign up for Dropbox - and you definitely should, if you have not already - then please use this link:

Busy getting ready for something, so here are three links to things I find awesome today: HTML 5 Book Demonstration Safari 5.0.3 Update Fixes History Zooming on Images in Column View

Block Ads

{democracy:79} P.S. For the purposes of this poll, "block popup windows" does not count as "advertising." If you block popups, you can still choose "No" in the poll.

The lack of the side scrolling button. I used it for page up/page down universally and the two arrow keys above and below it were used for various things: back/forward in Safari, delete and go to next/previous unread in Entourage and Cyndicate, etc. The number of buttons I've got has been reduced by two, and […]

Nice Captcha

Seriously, what the heck does that say? Fortunately, subsequent ones were somewhat readable. I only had to enter two more after "hernusenurc" or whatever that one is to get it right. They can't seriously expect me to spend four minutes looking at that thing in detail, can they? P.S. Google Apps threw this at one […]

Two Kinds of Computer Users

There are two kinds of computer users out there: those who know what "/me" means and those who do not. I like that one more than "those who have lost data and those who will." And it's true, too.

For years - it seems like 20 but is probably closer to 10 - I've used a Logitech wireless mouse with my desktop computers ((Before that, it was a Kensington mouse and/or trackball.)) I was using a Logitech MX-1000, but that broke down and it was replaced by a Logitech MX Revolution. Now it's breaking […]