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The Year of Cocoa

You're gonna have to read the extended entry to get all of this one, because I can't trust MacFixIt to have a "permanent link" for this thing… so the full quote is here (below). No comments on this, though I will say Wil's opinion is certainly well-founded in fact. In our first installment of a […]


Am I the only person who finds Konfabulator to be useless? Even Gruber seems to like it, or at least the idea behind it. Konfabulator's list of widgets is full of Airport signal monitors, battery monitors, to-do lists, and more. Says the description of one widget, "Useless, but fun!" (View all modules here.) Guess what? […]


I just realized I hadn't posted anything on TypeIt4Me yet. TI4M is an absolutely fabulous* utility that expands my abbreviations to full-grown blocks of text (words, paragraphs, etc.). For example: "ejb" expands to "Erik J. Barzeski" "hns" expands to "" "fssw" expands to "Freshly Squeezed Software" "teh" expands to "the" "becuase" expands to "because" So, […]

Where’s Waldo?

Cabel and Steven have a little page up with photos of all most of the people who got a t-shirt at MacWorld Expo San Francisco 2003. Check it out. I spotted Phil Schiller! I spotted a few other "famous" folks too. But hey, let's have some fun with it: who can you find and name? […]

Well okay, it's called Programming Mac OS X: A Guide for UNIX Developers, and I wonder if it's any good. I come from the Mac side of things, but at the same time, as someone who's been doing Web development for a decade or three (okay, maybe just one), I know a teensy bit of […]

IceMate: Mac User Case Modding

I've long wondered why people dumped so much time into their PCs, modding the cases with glow lights and cable wraps and LEDs and so on. I've always been interested in spending my time using my computer. Well, turns out I guess I'm a bit of a fan of external, no-work-required case mods. I've picked […]

Camino: Retrain Yourself

Camino is bugging the shit out of me. As many know, Chimera's app bundle was called "Navigator" which, for different reasons, annoyed the shit out of me as well. Now I find myself typing "<cmd-space> n a v i <return>" to open Camino, and instead some classical song begins playing in iTunes. Why? Camino is, […]

Got Root?

I've tried to explain to my mom why "users" are necessary on Mac OS X, but eventually I sent her to read this article which uses a house/apartment analogy. She "gets it" now. The article mentions "su" and "su -" as being different, and they are. My business partner and friend Andy uses "sudo -s" […]

MY New Mouse

I've spent less than a week with it, but I already adore my new mouse. This review sums up my thoughts nicely, so I'll simply allow you to read that. It also reviews the MX-500, my mouse's corded sibling, which is a bit lighter (no batteries) and, of course, corded. I'm glad i didn't pick […]

Retail and “The Apple Way”

Given that I sometimes work in an Apple Store, I found an interesting article titled The Floor Plan with a Plan in a recent issue of Business 2.0. Unfortunately, the article is largely interesting because the subject fails to understand a good deal of what makes Apple Stores "Apple."

Bye Bye Nice Titles

Says Hyatt in a flurry of posts (two today!): The first issue is Safari's limited support for the title attribute. We're going to dump our implementation in the status bar and just use a tooltip-style implementation instead (and yes, we'll pick up support for acronym and abbr at the same time). Looks like I can […]

That’s All There Is To It

I think it's funny to scroll down 50 pages of a tutorial and then see the words "That's all there is to it."

.Mac Whining Continues

Apple's non-announcement of the non-service they'll perhaps not be providing to music listeners (can you tell I'm trying to say it has not been announced or confirmed?) has once again riled up the stupid and whiny: I pay 100 bucks a year for .Mac. I expect Apple to offer either first 30 songs for free […]

Geoff Perlman

Rentzsch should have asked him about that fabulous "white paper" of a year or two ago. Y'know, the one that gave the reasons why REALbasic, using Carbon, was soooo much better than Cocoa. The one that was a laughingstock in the developer arena for many months (and still is). Oh well. Some day I'll write […]

Apple Music Service

Details are just beginning to come in, but here are the rough bits as I know them right now. Apple is beginning its own music service (perhaps) At least 4 of the 5 major record companies are with Apple on this (maybe) That'd be freakin' awesome! (could be) The LA Times, Railhead, and MacCentral have […]