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Got a Smart Car (Electric!)

A few days ago, Dave and I each leased a 2014 Smart Car Electric Drive from Smart Center Buffalo (the Mercedes-Benz dealership). We're going to "wrap" the car in advertising, and drive it around whenever we can. It's surprisingly roomy. A golf bag even fits in the back (you have to take the clubs with […]

The Insides of Golf Balls

You can check out 20 pictures here. I've seen them all before (not those specific pictures… but the insides of golf balls cut in half), but they're still cool to see.

What a great joke this would have been… if only Tiger and Augusta National had a sense of humor. Seriously, though, the guy couldn't announce this yesterday?!?!


The Indiegogo project for "Lowest Score Wins" has been successfully funded! Thank you! P.S. Suck it, Kickstarter, and your made-up-as-you-go, ever-changing, inconsistent rules.

If you get the chance, please check out my project on Indiegogo. "Lowest Score Wins" is… well, I may as well just copy what it says: "Lowest Score Wins" (or "LSW") is a first-of-its kind book that will lower your score the very next time you play. Lots of books promise to make you better… […]

Cary Schoen

Have you ever heard of Cary Schoen? He seems to get banned from lots of places very quickly.

New 5SK Directors Coming Soon

The list on this page is sure to grow by two, three, or four names very shortly!

The Plus Side of Pissing People Off is a good article. What's not said? Just make sure you're right. There's no prize or good in pissing people off and being wrong. In a lot of ways, the truth is an absolute defense.

Golf Life and 5 Simple Keys®

Lucy Li’s Golf Swing

She's 10, and qualified for the U.S. Women's Publinks championship.

This video seems to be the most highly recommended method. Turn the coat inside out at each sleeve (without inverting the sleeves themselves), fold it at the midpoint, and then fold it halfway in the other direction. And yes, this goes in the "Golf" or "PGA" group since I'll need to do this in the […]

SAM PuttLab Timing