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Survivor Electoral Math

Turns out my Survivor Electoral Math was right: Chris won 5-2. I wasn't dead on with the votes, but my tallies were right. There are usually some flips, and the flip in this case - Ami moving over to vote against the one with the penis - was more than made up for when LeAnn […]

Chris on Survivor

Okay, I have two things to say about tonight's Survivor. One: Ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Two: If Chris were smart, he'd immediately drop the baggage that is Twila and Scout and form an alliance to go to the final three with Eliza and Julie. But […]

Porn and Feminism

Jamie is looking for some comments on her porn post, and is taking a list of them to class on Monday (I think), so if you've got something to say, drop by. I'll write more about it later… more than the little I posted in a comment.

Women's lib took a gigantic step forward today: the Playmate of the Year: has naturally brown hair didn't bleach it blonde has natural breasts! Sadly, the "has an IQ over 100" may have been left off the list once again, but three out of four ain't bad! P.S. She's smokin'. And I wouldn't have to […]

Dating Quizzes

My typical response to the whole "dating" thing: I haven't got time. Today I had at least enough time to take a break from editing the book to take some dating quizzes. They were an… interesting distraction. End result: I'm a smart guy who's got high standards but prefers intelligent, 25-year-old brunettes. Duh.

Cancer Sticks

Yesterday, while walking towards a mall entrance, a girl asked me if I had a lighter. I didn't, but if I had, I'd have walked over, opened the lighter for her, and lit her cancer stick cigarette. Had it been a guy, I might have tossed him my lighter and kept on moving. Both would […]

I had a hot date tonight. That having been said, I mentioned to a friend at 11:20 that I'd had time to watch West Wing after the date. In other words, it didn't go so well. She was happy to have found someone who was intelligent, motivated, and funny. I was bored nearly to tears. […]

Like a Beetle

I'll explain this more in the extended entry… me: i have to be careful with you, you know... me: that shoulder shirk while leaving is only the start of it 🙂 her: LOL, why's that me: you're one of those sinkholes me: female sinkholes me: or, more like those sand traps those beetles build her: […]

Suicide Girls

I don't find the image to the right appealing in any way. I've never found women with 25% or more of their bodies covered in tattoos to be extra-sexy. I've never found goth sexy. I've never found entirely too much eyeshadow/eyeliner to be sexy. I'm a big fan of "girl next door" and whatnot, and […]

Amber Tamblyn

She's quickly climbing my list. Very much adorable. Kind of odd seeing a 20-year old play a 16-year old, but such is life in Hollywood. But, ack, as I was sitting at the car dealer a week or two ago I read in People that she's living with her boyfriend of three years, so there […]

Instant Turnoffs

I went to buy some ice cream tonight. I got out of the car at Albertson's and saw a pretty tasty looking woman walking in front of me. She stopped just outside of the grocery store, looked at her watch, and lit up a cigarette. 60 to 0 in 3 seconds flat. As I was […]

As I was driving somewhere today, half-listening to the ol' iPod, I heard one of Britney's new songs, and it sounded a bit… "personal." Is she singing about female masturbation? Yes, by jolly, it seems she is. When I arrived at my destination, people who'd seen her interview with Diane Sawyer confirmed my suspicions: that […]

Britney’s Pure Sex

Said a friend to me today after hearing In the Zone: "That's just pure sex. Britney's pure sex." Indeed it is, my friend. I think that anyone who can get through an entire listening of In the Zone without feeling randier than they were at the beginning is either dead or unusually out of touch […]

Picking up Chicks

I think Eric (the imposter) sent this to me: The Ferrett's Rules For Picking Up Chicks. The cartoon he links to is amusing, and typically not my kind of cartoon. Fap fap fap. Anyway…

Britney… Again

You wish: This girl can't seem to keep her clothes on. Pity.