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Paris Hilton?

So apparently Paris Hilton banged Shannen Doherty's former husband, and the tape, like Pamela's several, was "misplaced." And apparently my grasp of pop culture has declined so low that I'm only now hearing about this today? Of course, the amount that I care has also reached new lows. Update: I'm not Paris Hilton. To the […]

Hubba Hubba

Ahhhh, Britney: Now she's posing in Esquire, and the cover (above) copies a 1966 pose by actress Angie Dickinson for the November issue of Esquire. Like I've said before, she may have a dumb stance on politics or only a slightly better than average ability to sing, but she's well above average on the looks […]

The Montana Fucktard, errr, Family Coalition plans to launch a campaign against the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They call it "trash" that should not be on TV. They go on to say this: A really good reality show for gay people would be five gay men dying of AIDS. Though I […]

On Being a Guy

This one is certainly worth watching. It's funny and contains more than a shred of truth, which only makes it funnier. I'll try not to spoil anything, but I will say that my favorite part was when he walked past the fat stick figure. P.S. Please note that .asf files will play just fine in […]


Britney Spears has stirred up quite a bit of muck lately. First she makes out with Madonna, then she poses like this (see images at right) in Rolling Stone. That's all fine - she's pretty hot, and I enjoy looking. Will I buy Rolling Stone? No. Will I gawk at her half-naked on the Web? […]

Queer Eyes

So I've now seen an episode (or three) of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and I've gotta say that the only one who's not totally annoying is the food and wine guy. The others, well, they irk me. It's amusing television, and quite comical at times, but I must say I admire the straight […]

Protandric Hermaphrodites

Interesting: An interesting fact: Snook are protandric hermaphrodites, meaning that many change sex from male to female at some point in their lives. This transition usually occurs between two and seven years of age or when they reach a fork length of 17-30 inches. For this reason, most very large fish are females. That, and […]

Uniting Generations

Uniting generations, the MTV Video Music Awards! No further comments necessary. P.S. Okay, maybe one, and that comment is "man, wicked camel toe!" 😀

Not one, but both Heidi and Jenna (together) are in Playboy next month. Yes, both. If only Playboy could have found a redhead to complete the trio… For what it's worth (jack squat, I know), Jenna is soooooo much more attractive. She's got natural breasts and brown hair. She's stuck up (or maybe she's overcome […]

I'm from Pennsylvania. My favorite teams in the NHL, NFL, and MLB all start with the word "Pittsburgh." As such, I'm happy that Jenna won Survivor 6 (though Matt and Rob each deserved it more and "played better," I felt). It was interesting to find this site today: The best quote from their weekly […]

Survivor 6.eof();

What began as a battle of the sexes ended as a battle of the sexes: Matt vs. Jenna. Sanity vs. Insanity. Brawn vs. Beauty. 6 to 1? Nobody in our group predicted Jenna to win let alone to walk away with it so easily. What follows is a random smattering of parting shots before I […]

My prediction: Rob or Matt will win. I've been saying "Rob" for a long time now - he's played the game "the best" so far. However, last week Matthew made the first comment about "being in control" that I think he's ever made. This made me wonder if he wasn't smarter than he's let on […]

Survivor 6.12

I was in Orlando yesterday and last night, so I'm a bit late in blogging about last night's Survivor. However, it's 4 o'clock now and I have avoided all blogs that might talk about it, so here's my fresh take, watching alone. What will happen this week? Hmmm… I'll find out shortly. The next to […]

Thanks to Arcterex for scanning in an image from a newspaper, here I give you 10 Tidbits About Sneaky Rob. In no particular order… Rob scored a 1420 on his SAT. He's a smart cookie. Rob graduated from the honors program at SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting, and he received […]

Survivor 6.11

Survivor week is here. I watched last night with Gabe and Daria, and now I'm blogging about it around 1 on Friday. Rob screwed Heidious and Jenna last week (not in the way he'd truly like to screw them), and so this week was an interesting one. Christy being voted out? Unexpected!