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Survivor 6.10

And so we begin another episode of Survivor, one day late because someone forgot to let me know when she got back from dance so that we could do our normal "party" thing, even though Gabe is still up in NYC. Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

So I had this great idea to write about how engagement rings were sexist and all, and I whipped up a draft (albeit a pretty bad one) of an article. Then I met Jamie at work and mentioned it to her, and this got her wheels going, and she beat me to it. So then […]

Car Protocol

Matt talks about what he calls car protocol. Having just picked up a new car (congratulations) and a new fiancée (congratulations), his take on the situation is an interesting one.

Gender and Technology

Jamie would like some help: …help me generate a thesis for a term paper in Gender & Technology. I plan on suggesting new educational and occupational (company policy) practices that would help to further close the gender gap in the Digital Divide. Y'all are smart, so hop over to Tits and Wits .com and leave […]

Friend Zone

I was talking with my friend Mike towards the end of March about one of his prior relationships. He'd moved in with a girl who was one of his best friends, and they began sleeping together. They'd always connected on an emotional level, talking and sharing everything with each other, and I consider having sex […]

Survivor 6.9

Last week, it was the obvious choice Dave who got the boot. He won the reward and took Deena. This week it supposedly seems obvious: Matt. But last week they mentioned a "power struggle" and the past few years that has meant one thing: Deena will be going tonight. And now, live (on tape delay), […]

In Bring Back 'Studs': Feminism and the Nielson Ratings, Stephanie Harmelin, in addition to confessing to a Madridian makeout orgy, says: The Bachelor is disgusting, pathetic and damaging to any feminist movement. And I'm hooked. Jamie's got me thinking about "feminist" issues a lot lately. The whole "what's fair to women" and "how do we, […]

Amy’s O

Jamie and I watched a Sundance flick last night called Amy's O (though the IMDB page refers to it as Amy's Orgasm). It was a cute flick that walked the line between feminism and reality (I know I'll catch flack for that one). In other words, it was a "chick flick" that put forth some, […]

Survivor 6.8

Day 22 and the Survivors are playing with Roger's underwear. What the hell? Rob's bugle hasn't been tuned? Hmm. And Deena's panties are on fire? What the heck is going on in the Amazon this week? Let's find out.


Jamie pointed me at this page. I'll let you read it yourself, but the gist is this: a "woman" writes in to criticize feminists for taking things too far, cautioning them that she likes getting flowers, for example. Except the "woman" is a guy, as the real women discover.

The Women of Apple

Do you think that if Playboy ever did a "The Women of Apple" pictorial, they'd be able to resist making a few "garden of Eden" jokes? "One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong […]

From the Movie…

Do you speak 'Caddyshack'? I do. I've had this conversation with several women friends, typically after quoting a movie that they didn't see or don't recall. "… and some Funions, man…" is from Half-Baked. "Hello, Clarice" is a bit easier - most women usually get that one. All sorts of movies. I quote quite a […]

Survivor 6.7

This week was one of the funniest episodes ever. I wrote everything below last night during the show (live, with commercials, ugh - I like my TiVo and hate having to watch it at Gabe and Daria's). Stupid me forgot to change the status to "Publish" from "Draft." D'oh! I'll jerry-rig the time here to […]

No really. And I entered the essay contest a few times in college. But hey, my subscription to Playboy (gotten for me by my ex-girlfriend, along with my Maxim subscription) has now served a new purpose: helping fellow Mac developers realize a few seconds of their allotted fifteen minutes. Incidentally, Jordan (the UK babe) featured […]

Women's Fashion: Part V, Releasing Your Inner Slut is an interesting article written by women, for women. As such, men such as myself will use it to gain insight into women's minds.1 After all, Cosmo only publishes a few such thought-provoking, well-researched, all-too-revealing articles per month! "It's not slutty, it's fun" says Reese Witherspoon to […]