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I think calling them "silly" is being nice. Any woman caught with this phone (seen at right) should be shot. The phone, a Samsung T500, has a rhinestone encrusted external display (with a little digital clock with hands), a 65,000 color internal display that can double as a mirror at the press of a button, […]

Sex in America

There's a conversation about "being an alpha male," started by someone named Halley (I have no idea who these people are) and being followed by many a blogger, it would seem, including Dave Winer and Robert Scoble. Robert, in a recent post, made some remark about women masturbating, and then later followed up with a […]

Marriage. Or Not.

Salon is running an interesting article/interview with the authors of a book called "Unmarried to Each Other." The couple, who have been living with and committed to each other for several years, are proponents of "cohabitation" and founders of the Alternatives to Marriage Project. Personally, I found the article interesting, and though I'm fairly "retro" […]

Rendezvous Dating Service

Aaron mentioned to me today what he thought to be a good use of Rendezvous. it works like this... your cell phone, your beeper, your HipTop… errr…SideKick all contain a Rendezvous implementation that has a little personal "profile" on you as well as what you'd like in a potential date (assuming you're single of course, […]

Condoms And

I was shopping with Annie the other day (seemingly the only thing we really "do" together besides eat and, occasionally, work) and I noticed that in Wal-Mart, the headache medicine is right across the aisle from the condoms. Seems convenient, I guess… guy stops in, picks up his jimmy hats and the female favorite excuse-alleviating […]

Women in the Draft

This article, which talks about women in the draft (or more correctly, women not in the draft, makes several good points. I find it fairly paradoxical that for all of the "women's lib" stuff going on, women have never said "we also want to be forced to go to war!" But whenever I mention this […]

Get Off With Games

Men sick of having their girlfriends or wives complain about the time they spend playing video games may want to pay attention to this article on GameGirl Advance. Apparently, a PS2 game called "Rez" ships with a "vibrator." Yep, you heard me correctly: it comes with a vibrator. What's better, the vibrator reacts in accordance […]

This is Sexy?

Maxim's January cover girl is Christina Aguilera. Y'know, the former Mouseketeer... the former "girl next door" and "nice Pittsburgh suburb" girl. True to form, Maxim has taken someone who can be completely adorable, and turned her into a heavy-eyeshadow-wearing vixen. And one could say Maxim showed her the way she's been showing herself lately, and […]