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Firework (Katy Perry)

I don't know why, but the fireworks that come out of people's chests are both frightening and fascinating. I swear I've seen them somewhere before - I want to say on my Mac or something, almost like the old iMovie effects - but I can't quite place them…1 And if you want to look at […]

Replenish Cleaners

Stuff like this just makes sense. Pricing is $7.99 for the bottle and a pack of concentrated cleaning solution. Refill packs are $3.99. That seems to cost about the same as regular cleaning solutions. It's a multi-surface cleaner, but I doubt it works on glass very well. Perhaps just countertops and other similar surfaces. At […]

Your Halloween Traditions

I never much cared for Halloween as a kid. I had a Kermit the Frog costume that won me several awards, but otherwise it was just a good excuse to eat candy. Still, many adults (particularly if you watch network TV shows) seem to engage in partying and other sorts of traditions on Halloween. What […]

Smoking in 2010

I do not understand people who still smoke in 2010. I get that it's an "addiction" and I can't say that I've ever truly understood "addiction," but isn't smoking one of the most easily cured addictions out there? How any reasonably smart person can ever smoke is beyond me. How can they, in light of […]

Pay to Play Government

This story made news recently: No Pay, No Spray Firefighting Case. Basically, a guy didn't pay the $75 fee for rural fire coverage, and as such, firefighters did not put out his trailer or house on fire. It is what it is, and the policy has apparently been in place for a long, long time. […]

Religious Knowledge

A recent survey shows that agnostics and atheists know more about religions that religious people. Link:

Cars I Might Buy in 2013

Our next car purchase is not slated for another three years, but I'm writing down some cars I like now so that I can get a bit of a head start. It'll also be interesting to see whether these cars even exist in three years or what changes they've undergone. In no particular order: Acura […]

Maintaining Your Rights

I read this article and the original article about a man maintaining his rights and refusing to divulge personal information. I took a similar stand when some U.S. Marshals showed up at my door in Florida because I had the same first name as a former resident of the apartment who was wanted for goodness […]

Eagles Dragging Goats

I think I'd heard of this one spot where Golden Eagles drag goats off the mountain a long time ago, but I'd never seen video of it. Or maybe I did - when I was a kid, we watched this long series of nature videos narrated by David Attenborough. The videos came in "an attractive […]

Sphere Turning Inside Out

You know, as interesting as things like this are, I really wonder if there's any actual practical application for this. I like math, and I think it's great… but I think I like applied math a lot more than the theoretical, and I'm not sure if this has too many actual applications.

Kerry Loses, Penguins Win

I've just read this nice piece on David Morehouse, the new CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yet another reason to be glad that Kerry lost that election. 🙂

Back to School in 2010

The summer is just about to come to an end and the wife and kid will soon be going back to school. I can't say I'm over the moon about it, but it's not the worst thing to happen, either. 🙂

Seriously, as a writer who presumably cares about his craft, you'd think he'd get this right. Next time I check in will he be talking about how "your not going to like" something or "what there trying to say" or something?

More Money Redesigns

Another monetary redesign, another flop. Ugh. The first African American president? And he trumps the first president (of any color, height, weight, etc.) HOW??? Jeez. I don't care what party you support, that's just stupid.

I originally goofed this survey up by not including the proper spacing in the {democracy:##} block, so here it is again: How do you carry your cash, cards, licenses, etc.? Wallet Money Clip Other View Results I've been a lifelong "wallet" guy, but I'm using a MoneyClamp and kinda digging it. If you visit The […]