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That Honda Ad

People everywhere keep talking about that Honda Ad. People everywhere keep saying "it's real!" Uhhh, last time I checked, tires didn't roll uphill any more than they liked to stay still on an incline. They are, after all, round.

Money For the Artists

Word on the street is that Apple has "signed" up bands, such as The Eagles and No Doubt, for their new music service (y'know, the one that's not yet been announced). What's special about The Eagles and No Doubt is that these groups, like many others, have not yet allowed their music to be distributed […]

I previously put two of my sites on this blog's virtual auction block, but only received offers (and plenty of them) from people whom I did not trust to maintain the content of the sites in an adequate fashion. Thus, I've not sold the sites yet. New plan: give each of the sites away to […]

I'm a bit late in getting my post up, but oh well. Deal with it. This will be short: I haven't got much time and I'm really far behind on my TiVo playlist. Diane Warren is pretty awesome, so it's great that she's on. Guest judging and singing her songs, great. Good job. For whatever […]

Bending it Like Beckham

Last night I saw Bend it Like Beckham with my friend Jen. The movie, nearly two hours long, offers nothing terribly new from a macro view: character struggles to overcome adversity, tradition, and a well-meaning-but-misguided family and succeeds in the end, maturing as an individual. However, zoomed in a little, flecks of originality abound. The […]

Splinterland Redux

I published a little ditty on Interland a few days ago, and now we've set up the domain: It's going to house a forum to help Interland Freedom and VPS customers to help themselves, avoiding Interland's tech support where possible. If you have a Freedom or VPS account with Interland, or know someone that […]

Did you know that you can get a big big bag full of stuffed animals for $2.50 at your local Goodwill store? These make great toys for dogs, who chew them up anyway. Stop paying $10 per toy at Petsmart! Getsmart and shop for your doggie toys at Goodwill! Flint likes his new pink stuffed […]


A few years ago - nearly two as I write this - I signed up with a company called "HostPro" for what was then called a "Freedom" account. The Freedom account provided 500 MB disk space, root access, 40 virtual hosts, and more on a FreeBSD "box" that I could essentially consider a dedicated - […]

Who will be worst this week? The blondes need to step it up. Josh Gracin needs to step it up. Clay, Rubin, Kimberley, and Trenyce seem likely to make the final four, though I want the first two to sing some different kinds of songs. Let's see how it all goes tonight.

History in Flames

Jeremy talks about the burning of Iraqi libraries and museums, some of which house items thousands of years old: As I say, I'm having a hard time with this so don't expect rational arguments from me. I guess Bush and company can be happy that their war finally achieved something that will keep it in […]

Barenaked Blogging

The Barenaked Ladies have a blog (LINK) but they lack an RSS feed. This makes me sad. But then again, this makes me happy (JPEG). Guys, pop on an RSS feed fast or I - and I suspect many others - will forget that your blog exists. I visit sites with RSS feeds more often […]

On Reality TV

Gabe says of reality TV: Survivor. The Real World. American Idol. The Bachelor. What do all these shows have in common? They all suck. This from the premise that "they're not reality." Frankly, Gabe, I'm not buying it. Just because "reality tv isn't reality" doesn't mean it "sucks." Reality TV, were it actual reality, would […]

For some reason, my TiVo didn't record American Idol last night (grrrrrrr). This happens sometimes when I delete a Season Pass (Sports Night, duh, since I have the complete season now). I don't know. I've checked and all of my upcoming shows are in the To Do list. I'll read Nick's take on this show […]

Daylight Saving Time

I forget where I found this link, but here it is: Daylight Saving Time. Unlike many others, I couldn't care less about the hour I "lose" or "gain" due to DST. It comes on a Sunday - a day on which I traditionally have had nothing to do. Whether I get up at 7 or […]

For Sale: ASC/SSC

I'm looking to sell the domains (and the sites that go with them) AppleScript Central and Sound Set Central. They do quite a bit of traffic every day, have sold over $50,000 in advertising in the past four years, and are pretty much ready to go. There's a huge backlog of submissions. I've been too […]