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Ice Cream

I'd really like to eat some ice cream right now, but alas: I have none. This is the true problem with hurricanes: they knock out power and then you can't get milk, ice cream, butter, and eggs for days on end. Woe is me! 😀

Back Online

For now, at least, I have an Internet connection at home. Only 2800 emails to wade through (though no doubt about 2000 are spam). I'll resume posting things here soon.


I'm back to my apartment. I have power (three of the five buildings in my apartment complex do not). I have running water (and it is safe to drink). However, I do not have an Internet connection. I am at a friend's house now posting this… My apartment complex was not badly hit - some […]


I'm heading over to Clearwater, FL. There's this big spirally thing headed this way. Wish me luck…

Water, Ginger Ale, and Green Tea

It seems that I can't get ahead. I've successfully weaned myself from Coke - cold turkey - but consoled myself with ginger ale and Sprite/7-Up. They lose the caffeine but still have "high fructose corn syrup." I've tried green tea and don't care for it much, but I have enjoyed these Arizona drinks. Guess what […]


<rant>I have never been late for work. I've never been late for school. The times I've forgotten or been late for an event I planned with a friend - avoidably or otherwise - can be counted on the fingers of two pairs of hands. Perhaps it's for exactly those reasons that the unreliability of others […]

Athletes as Role Models

Yesterday I saw a commercial that said something like "to those of you who say that athletes shouldn't be role models, may we suggest that perhaps you're looking at the wrong athletes?" The voice spoke over images of Olympic swimmers, gymnasts, and other world class athletes and competitors. While I've always believed that a child's […]

Sex Ed

I'm a big fan in trusting in the intelligence and capabilities of our youth. My quick visit to Europe in 1996 showed me that young people could be trusted to handle things in a responsible, mature fashion. Their drinking age is twelve or so, and yet they have very few problems with alcohol. They talk […]


Oh how I suck at golf these days. It will not take me long to get back into it, but needless to say I'd have shot about a 90 today if I played the full 18 holes. I had a lovely shank, I popped up a drive, and most of the rest of my shots […]

Trip Update

Carey and I saw The Notebook yesterday. I had a tear or two at the end (which I'll try not to spoil) and we held each other through the entire film. It was a good movie and one I really enjoyed seeing with Carey. I used to watch sappy, romantic, heartstring-tugging movies like The Notebook […]

Back in PA

My planes arrived on time and I'm back in Erie for a few days (eight). I feel like it's been so long since I last saw Carey, and we both acted a little oddly around each other the first few hours (mostly her). And then [censored]. 😀 Anyway, I'm in a pretty good mood today. […]

Random Ramblings

None of these deserve a full entry, so here we go, piecemeal: I picked up 500 rounds of Winchester 9mms for $69.90 at Bass Pro today. Only two weeks ago they were something like $79.90, so, yay. I also picked up an SKB lockable two-handgun case, and I think I may take the guns with […]

Back to Erie

On July 21, I'll be heading back to Erie for a few days. Originally scheduled to return on the 27th, Expedia (grrrr) screwed up the booking. I'll now return on the 29th at, ugh, 6am or so. The purpose of my trip back? Five letters: C-A-R-E-Y. Yes, things are going swimmingly! I'm in love, Carey […]


I've never been "outromanced" by anyone, but Carey has a pretty darn good lead on me. 🙂 It's a nice thing, this "being in love" thing.

Coke Be Gone

I am quitting Coca Cola cold turkey. I've read enough bad stuff lately about diabetes and cancer (and artificial sweeteners) that I've decided that, though not quite as serious and not nearly as harmful to people nearby, my excessive consumption of Coke is like smoking. I have a 2L in my fridge that I have […]