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Thanksgiving with the Fam

So Thursday was Thanksgiving. My sister and her husband (now about 18 months in) arrived just before 1 pm, and we sat around (with Carey) until 3 when we took off for my parents' house. The food, which was to have been ready at "3:30 or 4," was not actually ready until five, so we […]

‘How Did You Propose?’

I continue to get questions like "is there a date set?" and "how did you propose?" and "did you book a band yet?" These questions come from friends who should know better. While I appreciate that they're asking, I don't appreciate that they've failed to remember things I told them only a month ago. So, […]

Wedding Bands

I went to Bedford yesterday to do three things: accompany my mom, visit my grandmother, and stop in to see my uncle. My uncle is a jeweler, and so my reasons for seeing him were quite obvious. Carey and I had previously both visited my uncle, but this time I was going alone. I managed […]

Country Club Ways and Days

Well, having negotiated things properly, I am now a member of Lake View Country Club. I'm a yuppie elitist now. I'm one of the "upwardly mobile" youth. I'm country club snob. Okay, I'm the same guy I was three days ago, but now I get to play golf at a great course just about any […]

R.E.M. Tonight

Going to the R.E.M. concert tonight. Given their recent "Bush sucks" tour, I'm hoping the rhetoric is kept to a minimum, but I've always respected R.E.M. for voicing their political concerns while keeping their personal lives relatively to themselves. It's well known that front man Michael Stipe is, uhh, of "alternate" sexual orientations, but they […]

Samba de Amigo

Every time I hear "The Cup Of Life" by Ricky Martin I think of Samba de Amigo. Every time. Best drunk college party game ever.

Pooty Belly

Things in my townhouse are going great. I live in the second apartment out of four: the left apartments get four parking spaces (unlined) and the right get four also. This works out well as most townhouses have, at most, two occupants with cars. There's one problem so far, and one I've yet to solve […]

Six Months

So it's now been six months that I've been with Carey. Really, it's been six months that we've been talking again. I've moved back to PA, I've fallen in love (5.99 months ago), and I've shaken up my life to be with her, and she with me. We spent last evening together, and details aside, […]

PGA Village: Dye Course

One of my goals before leaving Florida was to play a few of the more exceptional courses in the area. To that end, today I went to PGA Village in Port St. Lucie to play the Dye course. José, Gabe, and Rob filled out the foursome and the weather cooperated. You can see some images […]


It's official: I hate hurricanes. Absolutely freakin' hate 'em. This is just fucking ridiculous. I'll be living on pudding for the next few days, as I imagine my power - and Internet access - will soon be no more. On the plus side, I used Jeanne as an excuse to eat half a gallon of […]

Seth Ellsworth

My friend Seth Ellsworth has got his site online. Seth is a: musician student husband Those three words are all synonyms for "poor." If you like Seth's kind of music, pick up his EP for only $7 and help to put some Rice Krispies in his tummy (a demo track is available). Seth and I […]

Want a Weim?

I'm moving to PA soon (October 10 or so) and in Erie, pets are simply not allowed in apartments or townhouses (not for an extra $300/month). My parents and/or Carey's parents were going to take Flint - my 3-year old Weimaraner - but now they are not. Screwed I am. So my options are thus: […]

Carey Plays Golf

Carey and I played nine holes at Green Meadows today. Green Meadows is the course I first played at when I was 15, and have toured the course in 68 before. It's tough for its length (about 6,000 yards) because the greens are smaller than many people's living rooms, each have a false front, and […]

Yesterday with Carey

Yesterday's events in quick summary format: Dropped Carey off at the high school at which she's student teaching. Put down security deposit on townhome. Visited uncle (the jeweler) to look at engagement rings and wedding bands. Visited grandma in Bedford, PA. Went to Hoss's. On the way home, we stopped to see some friends of […]

Gone for a Week

I'm leaving later today to fly to Erie to see Carey, find my new apartment, and that sort of thing. To anyone thinking that this will make my apartment an easy target for theft, think again! I've got a full-time house-sitter. We went to the shooting range the other day and he's accurate enough to […]