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Living in Florida

As I pulled into the Albertson's (grocery chain) at noon last week Tuesday it struck me how full the parking lot was. Ahhh, old people. Boy do I dislike the "winter" season in southern Florida. I must remind myself to stock up on food between the months of April through September this year, because the […]

Mario Kart

And while I'm on the subject of video games (see previous rant about how lame Sega and EA are being towards the GameCube), let me wonder aloud just when the heck I'm going to get to play Mario Kart on my GameCube. Other games I am anticipating include: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Mario […]

Vehicle Registration

$77.70 later, my two vehicles are now legally registered through March, 2004. I rode one of my vehicles - my scooter - to the tax collector's office just before noon to pay the fees. It was literally running on fumes - I haven't filled it up in nearly three months - and I barely made […]


Honesty is one of those topics people like to think they can be honest about. The truth - honestly - is that nobody is honest more than 80% of the time. Nobody. Honestly. I long ago accepted that people can't be honest with me. I've even begun to understand the reasons, as well as to […]

A while back ago Matt posted an entry in response to my My iTunes entry. In essence, he said "Who cares? Why not tell us something real about yourself?" I responded thusly:

Evolution: A Reality

Evolution is not a theory (though science, cautious of crowning anything a "law," may still call it one). It's a reality. We've seen it, we've observed it, it's a fact for all intents and purposes. Evolution is not a religious belief, and Creation and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. There's nothing to say that some […]

Two Spaces

Why do people continue to put two spaces after colons, periods, question marks, etc.? Ever since I started my own magazine - and even before then in high school - I have only ever used one. I think that's all that's required. There's no rule that says you should use two anymore, right? I quickly […]

Dating and More of the Same

I had the same dinner last night that I always have at Outback. In fact, I've never ordered anything but the same food at the Outback: the Melbourne, rare, baked potato with tons of butter and bacon, and cinnamon apples instead of the salad. Sometimes I get wings, bacon cheese fries, or a drink.

Super Bowl? Yawwwn.

The Steelers aren't playing in today's game, so I don't really feel like watching. I've got a date and I'm going to go eat steak (is that a bad first date thing to do?), then probably come back and watch a movie or something. I've been talking to this gal for awhile now, so, don't […]

Chester Barzeski, 91

My paternal grandfather passed away today at 1:30pm. My mother informed me of this just now via AIM, perhaps because the phone would have given something away in her voice. Born in Poland on November 14, 1911, he earned a Purple Heart serving for the United States Army in World War II. He is survived […]

“It Doesn’t Look Good”

My last post on my grandpa was just a few days ago, but things haven't gotten any better. This email is from my father. I don't know if you know mom, Karlye, Brad, and I visited my father last Sunday as he had been transferred from the hospital to a care facility with pneumonia. At […]

Climbing the Walls

The picture at right is of Dave climbing out of view. I can't exactly call this "rock climbing" but it is wall climbing. Yesterday Gabe and I, along with three new recruits, went climbing in Ft. Lauderdale. You can see more pictures here. We've only gone 3 or 4 times, but it's pretty amazing how […]

My paternal grandpa, who used to be a strapping guy, a Purple Heart recipient, weighs 117 lbs in a hospital bed today. At 5'8" and formerly a solid 180 lbs, my mom described him by saying "he didn't even make a bump in the sheets." My sister cried. I, being 18 hours by car away, […]


I emailed someone I haven't talked to in about four or five (six?!?!) years today. Laura is one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. She's one of the few people from high school I wish I still talked to (perhaps I will again soon), but most people… well I just don't care. If […]

Hello Lisa

The Apple stores have in their iTunes library a rotating set of music. Currently, a few tracks from Lisa Loeb's Hello Lisa album are included, and they're always the ones I demonstrate (crisp guitars and higher pitched vocals demonstrate Harmon Kardon speakers well, with enough drums and whatnot to show off the iSub and SoundStick […]