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Ed Chooses Carol

Ed chose Carol. Frankie, sorry, this makes two sitcoms on which you've been dumped. Jeremy had enough of your craziness on Sports Night and Ed had to go with his heart on, uhhhh, Ed. Will I be kicked out of the Strong Male Union™ for admitting that tonight's episode put me in a pretty mushy […]

Low Expectations

Sayeth Jamie: I have very low expectations of people, and that's why I hang out with you. Hmmmmm…

My Coffee Table

Today my coffee table was delivered. You can see it below, complete with Learning Perl and Programming Perl along with Computer Forensics, some circuit board coasters, and my 12" PowerBook. The coffee cups? Well, those are for "my buddy" Jamie, who made me get a coffee pot, a blender, and this table in the first […]

Coffee Composting

Jamie pointed me at this article on, Composting with Coffee. As a kid, in fifth grade or so, I did a science experiment that involved watering plants with different liquids. Bean sprouts were nourished with beer, milk, coffee, pop (soda to you weird folks), green bean juice, and water. The bean sprouts that had […]

NAB, LAS VEGAS - April 8, 2003 - NSLog();, in conjunction with Barzeski Enterprises, Inc., today announced that it has changed its "Highlight Color" to "Green." Said CEO Erik J. Barzeski "Green is the new yellow, and here at NSLog();, we believe in moving forward with our technology." He later added "Besides, yellow made it […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Matt is back from vacation and announces that he's engaged. Couldn't happen to a, uhh, more irate guy. In other news, I finally bought a coffee table. Not quite as romantic, eh? Oh well. Congratulations Matt. Congratulations Fiona.

Flirting and Loving

In this article, which originally appeared on Salon and is now on, Lori Leibovich puts forth the possibility that the key to a long-term Relationship (with an uppercase 'R') is flirting. Not with each other - but with the various people one encounters in daily life: the ladies on your block or the neighborhood […]


Why is it that you can lay on the beach, and then get tired? What about the sun, and getting cancer a tan, that fatigues you? The small headache I have right now I can understand - I haven't eaten much today and try as I might, I couldn't block the sun from making my […]

Rock Climbing 5.8

I can now safely say that 5.8's are well within my abilities as a rock (wall) climber. After beating a few 5.9's and 5.8's, towards the end of my climbing session tonight, I tried 5.8 I'd never done before and climbed fairly easily to the top, no problems. The 5.8 that's been giving me trouble […]

My Pirates are Undefeated

I don't expect it to last, of course, but right now my Pittsburgh Pirates are at the top of their division with a perfect 4-0 record, having beaten Cincinnati 10-1, 7-4, 7-5, and Philadelphia 9-1, all on the road. Outscoring your opponents 33-11 is nothing to be sneezed at, nor is scoring 33 runs in […]

Sports Night DVD

My friend Dave comes over once a week to watch Ed, West Wing, and Fastlane (usually on Wednesdays, which means now that Ed and Fastlane are repeats for me). It's a good time: we have some pizza, we argue a little in good fun, we bitch about the women in our lives, etc. Today Dave […]

Bubbly Vomit

My dog Flint has been acting oddly the past few hours. I took him out and he had, well, let's just say what came out the back wasn't so solid. I took him out again just now and he tried to eat some grass. I'd let him solve his own problems except the pesticides would […]

Fake Paper

This morning I went to Albertson's to grab some ham, some bacon, and some OJ. They open at 6, and I had yet to go to sleep, so I wanted a real breakfast. I gathered my items (the bacon is not near the ham, as I discovered, but is instead by the cheese - sandwich […]

National Day of Prayer

From this article (found on comes this load of hooey: The House passed a resolution Thursday calling for a national day of humility, prayer and fasting in a time of war and terrorism. The resolution, passed 346-49, says Americans should use the day of prayer "to seek guidance from God to achieve a […]

R.E.M.’s Last Straw

R.E.M., my favorite band, has a stream of a war-track The Last Straw on their site. If hatred makes a play on me tomorrow And forgiveness takes a back seat to revenge There's a hurt down deep that has not been corrected There's a voice in me that says you will not win. Reminded via […]