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Horrible Call on Letang

We've gotten away with hits almost that bad in our no-checking D League hockey. Lame. Let's not go so far to protecting the head that we get stupid now, ok NHL? Update: The NHL properly reversed the call the next day. Letang won't be on the hook should he actually get a game misconduct later […]

97% at Rotten Tomatoes? 92% Audience rating? Seriously? I liked it, but 97%?! That's astronomically high. On a pure percentage scale, I give it a 70% or so, meaning I like it more than about 70% of the movies I've ever chosen to watch. 🙂 The most interesting part of the movie was almost trying […]

I'm looking forward to this. There will be coarse language, raw emotions, maybe a bit of gore if there is an injury. That might be off-putting to those whose uncensored moments would be beamed into people's living rooms, but the Penguins see great benefit to participating in an HBO "24/7" reality miniseries in December and […]

Dexter Season Five

So, the fifth season of Dexter kicks off in a bit, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to the inevitable bullcrap about dealing with Dexter's wife's death (her name escapes me at the moment). I like big plot twists like that, but I dread the inevitable drawn-out aftermath. And can anyone […]

My iTunes Ping Link

Here's My iTunes Ping account (if you'd like to "follow" me). I promise - since I don't do much with new music or music in general - that I won't flood your screen with comments or purchases. 😉

Penguins Season Schedules

Desktop pictures (wallpapers), .ics, Excel, and other formats, all available now for download from the Penguins site.

Fall TV Shows

Any fall TV shows you plan to watch? I can't say that there are many (or any?) that I'm looking to watch. I'll continue to watch Bones, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Fringe, 30 Rock, Castle, and a few others. I'll pick up a few shows like Blue Bloods and give […]

I really like the opening credits for Covert Affairs on USA. The song feels rather "spy-like" and the opening animation is reminiscent of some old-school spy type stuff. The song and animation go well together. And yes, I do watch the show. It's bad, but it passes the time when my wife's asleep and I'm […]

EA Sports NHL 11 Video

Uhm, yes, please! (I don't know if embedding a Facebook video will work, but I hope so.)

DirecTV has a new "Parental" thing which uses common sense media to let parents know about the shows. Big Bang Theory is rated "Iffy for 13+"1 and carries with it the following descriptive blocks: Parents Need to Know: Parents need to know that htere's a fair amount of sexual innuendo in this sitcom about a […]

Pysanki (or Pysanka)

Pysanka - also called Ukrainian Egg Decorating - is an art form that consists of building up layers of wax over progressively darker dyes before melting the wax to reveal the final design. As a kid, I learned about pysanki in about sixth grade, and that winter and part of the next year I spent […]

My Sidney Crosby Moment

That's what I'm jokingly calling it. I don't have a thousandth (or perhaps a millionth, but who can measure such things?) of the hockey talent Sidney Crosby's got, but I scored the overtime game-winning goal in a 4-3 championship game, just like Crosby did at the Winter Olympics, and it feels good. The game was […]

The score is now Crosby 2, Ovechkin 0. And I'm sorry, but hockey involves more than just scoring goals and racking up points. But I digress. Despite the title, I wanted to talk about the USA vs. Canada game. I think that, if the U.S. was to lose, this is the only acceptable way (for […]

Wednesday in Scottsdale

Today's a bit of a "free day" in Scottsdale. We don't have anything to do until tomorrow. Well, nothing terribly serious, anyway. The four of us wake up and shower at about 6:30. Four being me, Dave, Steve, and Charlie. We head out to a Starbucks where, when I order a bagel, they don't even […]

Three Red Lights

So my kid's sick today. Great day for the Xbox 360 to go belly up, eh? Three red lights. The wife called me (iPhone to iPhone) from downstairs to ask me why the Xbox was blinking with red lights. She wanted to stream some movies from Netflix on the TV. Pfffft. Hey, it lasted longer […]