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Cranberry Highlands

Jeff - of The Sand Trap - and I played Cranberry Highlands golf course today. It was pretty incredible, really - a very unique and interesting course. Thick rough, etc. After getting off to a bone-headed start (I blame coin-jingling, flag-walking, putt-interrupting Dave), I played the last 13 holes in only one over. Not too […]

Wii Pricing and Pre-Ordering

The Wii price has been announced - $249. A bit higher than some suspected, but still reasonable. $49.99 for games, $39 and $19 for the remote and nunchuck. When will pre-orders be available?

Fall 2006 TV Schedule

From Laurel's TV Picks, I've cobbled together this ready-made list of TV picks for 2006's fall season. It doesn't include some shows I regularly record on The Golf Channel, but it does include the shows my wife watches. And no, Desperate Housewives isn't her pick, it's ours. Hers for reasons unknown, mine for one very […]

Football is Here Already

Football season officially begins tonight as the Miami Dolphins venture to the 'Burgh. I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready for football just yet. I also think the Dolphins will be stout this year, and though Batch is a capable backup, this will be a tough way to start the year for […]


There's at least one reason to watch Click: Kate Beckinsale. 🙂 Well worth a dollar.

The North East High School boys team had their first match today, albeit at J.C. Martin (ugh). They finished at 290, a couple strokes ahead of Harborcreek, who had 290. With scores of 71, 72, 73, and 74 counting, Cathedral Prep and McDowell beat them. Harborcreek will likely be the toughest competition all year, and […]

Wii Launch Lineup

According to this link, there will be 27 Wii launch titles. I only care about a few of them: Rayman Raving Rabbids, Madden NFL 07, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And I'm not even sure I care much about the last one. Granted, I'm not sure what some of the games are. I know […]

Building an Outdoor Playhouse

I'd like to build an outdoor playhouse for my kiddo. I'm envisioning something I can build myself. I'm picturing a sand box below an upper floor (the actual "playhouse"), which would have walls and a ceiling, of course. Perhaps a slide would come out, perhaps a lower deck, and of course a ladder to get […]

NFL Network is broadcasting pre-season games. Yay! Wait, football season is here already? What the heck?

Madden 2007 on the Wii

I just read the preview and I'm excited! The use of the controller seems to be pretty great. Oh when oh when I can get my pre-order in, dangit?

Texas Roadhouse Portion Size

I ask you: does this portion size of mashed potatoes - not even a special order, but one of the normal choices of side dish - look a little small to you or what? Carey mentioned it to the waitress and she said "no, that's pretty normal." Then, thankfully, she brought me another small dish. […]

I Despise Pirates Ownership

And this just about sums up why using only the past few days as evidence.

Steelers vs. Indy Replay

I watched my Super Bowl XL/Steelers 2005 DVD tonight. When the playoff game at Indy came on, I felt uneasy until the Denver game came on. Some small part of me still wondered if Ben would make the tackle or if I'd been somehow living in a dream (and no, the fact that I was […]

Wii Pre-Orders

I wonder when the Wii pre-orders be taken by places like EB or GameStop? I'd like to get in early. 🙂

I’m Such an Idiot

Those are not my words, but those of Phil Mickelson, who lost the U.S. Open today in stunning fashion. Here are how the leaders finished their rounds just a few minutes ago: Player Score 16th 17th 18th ------ ----- ---- ---- ---- Geoff Ogilvy +5 Par Par Par Phil Mickelson +6 Bogey Par Double Jim […]