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QotD: Your Dying Meal

If you could have one meal, regardless of cost (both financial and health), what would it be? Describe it in as much detail as you please. My answer is probably lame: some whole milk, corn, mashed potatoes, and a big ol' juicy slab of steak, perfectly seasoned, with some chocolate cherry ice cream for dessert.

QotD: Winter Olympics 2K10

I asked a similar question back in 2006, but here goes: {democracy:67} FWIW, I considered the first two options, but finally went with the second because I plan to watch a little hockey.

Mac OS X Appearance Color

For Mac users only: {democracy:50} P.S. I'm not asking about your highlight color. If you want to answer that question, go here.

Do You Have a Blog?

Just curious. And for the sake of the question, interpret "recently" however you'd like in order to answer the question in the manner you feel is best. {democracy:45} P.S. I voted yes. 😀

Your Senses

{democracy:44} Keeping your eyesight and hearing are, to me, no-brainers. Smell and taste are so interlinked it's tough to pull them apart, so I'd almost consider them one and the same, except that tasting is done far less frequently than smelling. So between taste and touch, I might very well give up taste. It might […]

QotD: An Experiment

Question: What psychology experiment would you love to carry out if neither ethics nor practical reality stood in your way? My Answer: I don't know off hand, but I'm going to think about it. I have one in mind that doesn't quite fit the question, and the ones I'm thinking of that would fit the […]

For the Presidency




Book Reading

Steve Jobs recently made some comments about the amount of books people read (i.e. very few) in a discussion of Amazon's Kindle. A few years ago a friend of mine told me that he doubts if half of American adults had ever read ten books all the way through and on their own. I tend […]

Admin Accounts and Mac OS X

My primary account is an admin account. I tried setting up a special "admin only" account and reverting my standard one to a plain old user, but the constant authorization requests to do darn near everything got so annoying I switched back. I realize it's a bit less safe, but especially now with Time Machine […]

Call of Duty

Every time I pick up Call of Duty 4 I thank the stars I've never had to go to war. This game, largely due to its realistic guns, scares the crap out of me. Though I know that training, the survival instinct, and all manner of other things come into play, sometimes I wonder how […]

Your Browser of Choice?


Your Menu Bar

Question: What's in your menu bar, from right to left? My Answer: I have a relatively simple menu bar. From right to left, I have the blue Spotlight magnifying glass, my shortname for fast user switching, the date and time (with the second showing), .Mac Sync, AirPort, FastScripts, and TypeIt4Me. That's it. You are encouraged […]

Question: What technology gadget do you think you'll buy next? Which would you like to buy next? My Answer: I'll probably pick up an AppleTV. We really need a new laptop, but I don't see that being in the cards any time soon. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

I drove over the little creek between the Humane Society and I-79 today on my way to Wegman's early when the light was striking. I drove back at about 9:15 to see if the light was still there. It wasn't. I took some pictures anyway with the XTi. It definitely "underexposes" if you don't quite […]