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Proving that sometimes you can laugh at things without endorsing them in any way, I present this simple joke: Q: What's the only thing worse than a male chauvinist? A: A woman that doesn't do what she's told. Hee hee hee. 🙂 No, this is not evidence of some deep-rooted subconscious chauvinistic tendencies, though I […]

MS Magnet Poetry

For years my neighbor and friend Gabe's metal shelving has said this in techno-centric "poetry" magnets: Microsoft profits from users that have unparalleled boundaries and integrated legacy architecture. Dilbert would be proud.

Company Policy

I saw this somewhere, and I've had it for awhile. Where better to archive it than my blog? Cuz currently it's a text clipping floating around my hard disk. It starts with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage hangs a banana on a string with a set of stairs under it. Before long, […]

iChat Aways

I'm rarely on iChat, but when I am, I like to look at my friend's away messages: It's funny what you can tell about a person by their away message, or at least the mood they're in at the time. Some are boring, some are cute, some are an inside joke.


I have nothing to say about this. It is its own joke, I imagine.

Pierced Child

From the "What Is This World Coming To?" File: No, I don't think it's real.


Clearly from the Got Old Fast department, has dropped off of my blogroll (not on the site yet, but in my news aggregator). It was funny while it lasted, but the funny didn't last.

Female Software

"Software is like women: either it is good, or it is free." - Slava Karpenko Slava tells me that this is a joke translated from Russian, author unknown.

Switch Off

July, August, September, October, November = JASON I noticed this while surfing Gary Turner's blog. I got to Gary Turner's blog by following the link to the Switch Off page from BlogStickers. Why was I going there (see how this is winding backwards?)? Because I was considering taking down the parental advisory picture (left side, […]

Today Jamie and I went to Starbucks for breakfast (if you can call any meal at 10am breakfast). Not personally a fan of coffee, though that is changing, Jamie assured me that they have good baked… uhhh… goods. We approached the counter and Jamie said "I want a medium coffee." I became immediately excited, fearing […]

The New PowerBook is Aluminum

Jason Kottke is, oh, I dunno, about two years late with this joke. The 17" and 12" PowerBook are of course made of an aluminum alloy. Speaking of which, I got a new coffee table today, and the first thing I put in one of its drawers was my PowerBook (12"). I thought to myself […]

Bush’s Speech

On Saddam Hussein: Our sources tell us he has attempted to purchase 7 million hydrogen-powered doctors and the western wall of the Pentagon. They seem to do this to every speech these days, but it's still kind of funny. Grab the one I'm "quoting" above here:

Car-Eating Puddles

Hmmm… Dave sent this to me awhile ago and I'm not even sure how it works. What is that mat under the car and why does it let the whole car sink? WTF? I have no idea what the origin of these images may be (I have higher quality separate shots if anyone wants 'em).

The Evil Bit

The Evil Bit is a pretty lame April Fool's joke. This is the best that the brightest minds in the world could muster? Bummer. There are one or two previous IP jokes at Anyone have any good April Fool's jokes? I liked Unsanity's and CPAN's (this one won't work after today). Adam has one […]

Iraqi TV Guide

Sunday 7:30 -- My 33 Sons 8:00 -- Osama Knows Best 8:30 -- Let's Mecca Deal 9:00 -- I Dream of Mohammed 9:30 -- The Kabul Hillbillies