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All Your Base Station

"All Your Base Station are Belong to Us," my new t-shirt declares. The t-shirt, from Geek Culture and Cafe Press was a birthday present from the fabulous* Jamie, along with a seasoning packet and a card with a monkey! While I'm posting on this, I may as well link to the official "All Your Base […]

Genies and Old Jokes

A silly old joke I found somewhere: A Mac user found a magic lamp with a Genie in it. The Genie said he wasn't as powerfull as other Genies and could only grant one wish. So the Mac User brought out a map of the Middle-East and asked the Genie if he could bring peace […]

Oh the Profundity

From J, because "a spankin' new MySQL book was released and amazon felt obliged to let me know": The unexpected pleasure of reading books about databases is that they are often written by authors with highly organized minds. "Oh the profundity!" she says. Je suis d'accord. Heh.

Apple Has a Sense of Humor

Apple has a sense of humor, or at least one person there does. One person with the ability to change Apple's website. The chap posted a link to this article at Crazy Apple Rumors (.com) in their Hot News section: Brilliant! Three cheers. Humor is sadly missing from many pieces of today's world.

Swedes Have More Fun

If blondes have more fun, you'd think Sweden would be a prettty rockin' place, wouldn't ya? Turns out the Crown Princess Victoria (the next queen, to the right) is a lovely brunette, as is her sister Princess Madeleine. I talked with Judi yesterday about stereotypes, and Jamie too, and it's a fairly established stereotype that […]

Internet Inventor Joins Apple!

The man who invented the Internet has joined Apple! CUPERTINO, California - March 19, 2003 - Apple® today announced that Albert Gore Jr., the former Vice President of the United States, has joined the Company's Board of Directors. Mr. Gore was elected at Apple's board meeting today. iGore in 2004! Some /.er says "Excellent! This […]

My iPod Engraving

Steven of Panic talked about iPod engraving and I made the comment that mine was engraved, well, as you see to the right. I'd previously owned a 5 GB model (no engraving) and sold it for a fairly paltry sum to upgrade to the 20 GB model. 20 GB is a lot of music, so […]

…For Me to Pee On!

The funniest thing I've seen today by far. With digicam in hand, master grabs puppy, opens Vaio, and places one atop the other. As master says "Stay" and takes aim, the puppy recalls the only trick he's learned so far, and does the same. That "trick" was of course to pee whenever being picked up […]

My Googlism

According to my Googlism: erik barzeski is the editor of apple wizards erik barzeski is a bit tense about some of the things being said by mac fans and writers I'm not sure how it works. I was the editor of Apple Wizards. That ended in 2000. And of course I'm tense about the main […]

A Saint He is Not

My fellow Cocoa Dev Central mates will appreciate the humor in this: WHiTESAiNT: yea you fuckin faggot learn how to program bitch Erik: Enemies are a good thing. Without Bluto, Popeye's just a vegetarian sailor that likes anorexic chicks. Call me, especially if it's before 4 or 5. WHiTESAiNT: FUCK YOU WHiTESAiNT: im jp i […]

Same Thing

Aaron: Headin' to bed, ttyl. Aaron: doh Aaron: Headin' back to work...

Fun Email: Your Server Sucks

Got this email at my Sound Set Central email address (a site which has Sound Sets for Entourage, AIM, the Finder, etc.): Hi, Your server sucks! I have been trying to download a lousy driver for my epson 1660 scanner and every damn time I go through the tediously slow process to get the driver, […]

How to Pack a Hippo

According to the USPS, the proper way to pack a hippo is as follows… You'll need: 1,000-gallon tank per hippo 1,000 gallons of water Crane 1-pound sedative Soothing hippo music 2 Aspirin (for you)

Would That Be Spam?

Friend: I have her email Friend: but an email that says "hi melissa. what school do you go to? would you like to have sexual intercourse?" would be pretty awkward Erik: right Erik: I suggest removing the school part

Traffic and… Vibrators?

Far be it from me to ignore a woman in distress. She's quite clearly calling out for links! i got a vibrator for my birthday! and just what i wanted! (i lied about the trampoline.) double w00t! you're probably wondering if you'll ever hear from me again. i know, i know. don't worry, though, the […]