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Nasty Fuck

I am apparently one nasty fuck. And here I would have thought that honor would belong to Roseanne Barr or something…

Local Knowledge

There's a strip near where I live that features two short sections of road (broken up by stoplights) and a longer third. Tonight, at the start of the first section, I pulled up (in my Aztek mind you) next to a guy and a girl in a Mustang. I nodded, then proceeded to floor it […]

Rich vs. Richer

Call me a jackass (no, really), but I love it when rich people act like children. It somehow makes the world seem a bit more fair. "It's the billionaires fighting the millionaires," Jennings says. "The haves vs. the have-mores -- fun for the press," La Costa Beach homeowner Jodi Siegler says. The debate? Whether - […]


Two things I learned today: You can not ship pornographic movies to the state of Florida (and a few other states). Sex and the City is pornography. In other words, I attempted to pre-order an entire collection of Sex and the City DVDs and was told by the DVD site (I won't say which) that […]

Women, Or the Lack Thereof

Erik: But like I said, it's fun to be alone too sometimes. Friend: Well, I'm alone 90% of the time, I know what it's like. Erik: I'm in a sappy mood tonight man as well, I could use a girl around sometimes. Erik: I'm alone just as much, you know that. Erik: Get a dog. […]

I Speaks Good and Runs Intel

This is too good to pass up. It's an interview with Intel VP Pat Gelsinger. Here are some good quotes. If you're a fan of grammar, well, prepare to wince.

Fred and Victoria

I have no idea what this is, but I can tell you that Fred and Victoria are both involved, as are a bunch of skimpy bikinis and power tools.


When oh when will I be able to look at something like this and not chuckle to myself? Hopefully never. 😀

I kid you not. Updates to my blog in the next few days will now be non-existent. Gotta do as much preventative medicine as possible. Anyone willing to contribute good porn (for my health, dammit!!!) should send care packages to… 😀

Listeners Who Bought

Listeners who bought Clay Aien also bought: Steven Curtis Chapman Adam Sandler Eric Marienthal Anthrax Oingo Boingo The Carpenters Dave Gahan Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Julian Lennon Not sure I want to include myself in that crowd… 😛


Friend: We cooked crabs on the fourth, that was an interesting experience. Those little suckers get excited when they get thrown in the pot. Erik: Ha, yeah. How long does that last? Friend: After about a minute they stop moving, actually, they pretty much stop moving when they've been doused with Old Bay (a crab […]

I’m Polish

If you can't laugh at yourself, then you're going to have a long, unhappy life. I'm Polish, and these kinds of jokes are still very funny.

Geek Test

Who has the time to take The Geek Test? Apparently some people do. Me? I'm going to save myself some time and estimate that I am 42% geek. There, isn't that just as effective? I lose big points on the sci fi section (don't care about Star Trek or Tolkien or Magic the Gathering). Those […]


I think nearly every time I visit Hotmail (I have an MSN account to talk to all of two people) I misread the word "curmbox" in the URL to be something not so, uhhh, "PG." Sometimes I name variables in code things like "exgf" - particularly if they're used in cases like exgf.cleave(); or […]

Button Crazy

I like people with a sense of humor: Unfortunately, that's one plugin I won't be installing…