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Premier Expert on Zora and Evan

Thank you for visiting the site of the foremost expert on Joe Millionaire "winners" Zora and Evan. Yes, that's correct: I am the world's foremost authority on Zora and Evan. According to Google, anyway. My previous entry on Zora and Evan has put me at the top of Google's search results for this topic. Interesting. […]

Funny Quotes

Codepoet at has some funny subtitles right now. A few of them that I've seen lately: Press button to test. Release to detonate. I want what money can't buy: more money. This message is shareware. If you read it, send me $5.00 Drugs may lead to nowhere, but at least it's the scenic route. […]

Need Help with your Sex Life?

For your eyes only: animated sexual positions, courtesy of a condom maker. Wow, it doesn't get much kinkier than these pixellized pornos… with sound effects! 🙂

Self Control

This explains so much: Self-control, whether used to pass up the office cookie plate or to struggle against temptations like alcohol and tobacco, operates like a renewable energy source rather than a learned skill or an analytical thought process, according to new research. Read more here if you can control yourself.

More on that Vodka Ad

From the "speaking of sucking" category (see a few other posts from today)… A week or so ago I posted an entry about a vodka ad that showed a guy getting head. Well, that's not the only such ad in existence. Check this shit out! The ads shown on that page (one is to the […]

Alligator Farming

Got too many pigs? Feed them to your alligators. Then when the alligators grow up, kill them and sell their hides and meats. It's like a whole little ecosystem on a farm! Kohl read an article on alligator production in January 2000. His wife, Kelly, gave him a pair of baby alligators the next Valentine's […]

Britney and Christina

No, not your typical Britney and Christina (the pop stars). This is a whole different kind: sigh 😐 >:-o Spam sucks.

Giving More than 100%

From Dave, If we take the alphabet (A-Z) and assign every letter a numeric value equal to their position in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, Z=26), we get some interesting results. H A R D W O R K 8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = 98% K N O W L E D […]


I am testing out Jive with the Swedish Chef (Valley Girl was disappointing) option. Let's see how this comes out, ok? As a test, here's what it generated from a previous post... Inceedentelly, I ounly cell heem a sluot becuose-a he-a nefer seems cepeble-a ouff seying unyzeeng bed ibuout MEEcrusufft. He-a's celled me-a un OuS […]

Going Down?

Had to blog this one before I forgot about it (even though it took me long enough). Originally seen here on Vinay's blog, the image to the right is nothing more than a simple advertisement for vodka. The man is having a glass, enjoying himself, and looking at the stars. Or at least that's what […]


I farted, did you? While my sister and I were encouraged to use words like "penis" instead of "binky" as children, because genitals (there's another) were nothing unusual or immature (unlike "peepee"), we were forbidden to use the word "fart." So naturally, even though I don't like the sound of the word, we used it […]

Foreign Languages

From Aaron, a small survey of some popular European languages: Spanish: Everything you say makes you sound hungry. Russian: There are 33 different ways to say, "Comrade, pass the Vodka or I shoot you." French: Every French sentence carries the implicit connotation that you want to have sex with the person you are talking to. […]

I Went to a Basketball Game…

&hellip and a fight broke out. Basketball is perhaps the only sport I don't watch on television when I catch it - I'd rather watch curling than basketball - and a bunch of tall skinny people getting into a fight doesn't make it any more interesting. 3 on 3, though, that might be fun to […]

It’s My Site: I’ll Do What I Want

From the "I'll Do What I Want With My Own Damn Site and If You Don't Like It You Can Leave" file comes this: First off, every time we post something on OSNews that isn't strictly "OS news" there are always a couple of people who post and complain about it. Note to these people: […]

Seen on the back of a GMC Safari today while driving back from Einstein Bagels: : YMMV :–)