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Rent a Country

This seems like something Microsoft would be up for. Does Liechtenstein offer a Rent-to-Own option?


Shortly after my pixellated naked woman entry (see below, or today's archive, or whatever), Nick mocks a silly thing you often see in "crime investigator" shows: the ability to "blow up and enhance" still frames of video. Guess what, folks? The resolution of the film is the resolution you get. It doesn't get any better. […]

Stupid CNN

Vinay points out the silliness of CNN. Apparently our space shuttle is capable of travelling 18 times the speed of light. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? In related news, NASA has gone back in time to make sure the shuttle does not blow up, and to beat Russia into putting a man in space. […]

Monday night, Joe Faux, err, Millionaire took Sarah Kozer on a date. The date seemingly went well, as upon their return to the chateaux, they snuck off into the woods. Fox couldn't get a camera to them, so they filled air time with night shots of a forest and dubbed over words for the sounds […]

BBIA, uhh

Today a friend said "brb" which, of course, means "be right back." Twenty minutes later, he returned. This got me thinking about the various abbreviations we all use for "i'm going away and will return in approximately x minutes." Here's my list: BRB (be right back): 0-5 minutes BBIAF (be back in a few): 5-10 […]

State of the Union Drinking Game

Are you going to watch the State of the Union (hell, I didn't even know it was on until Aaron mentioned it)? If so, then play along! "War on Terror" - Eat a pretzel stick and growl. "Recession" - Yell "Spare Change?", SHOT of liquor. "Homeland" - Jump to attention and salute. "Good Jobs" - […]

Post Super Bowl Observations

My team wasn't in the Super Bowl, but at least I can make fun of the teams that were. After Tampa Bay won Super Bowl XXXVII, hundreds of Oakland Raider fans took to the streets of the city, setting fires, breaking windows, and throwing rocks and bottles. Though three firemen were treated for minor injuries, […]

Acme’s Hearts

Heh heh heh. Too much fun. If you want to create your own 's day hearts, head on over to the Acme Heartmaker for hours, errr, minutes of fun. Of course, if you want to buy these kinds of candies, get them from I'm quite certain my 's this year will be spent alone, […]

Herbal Essences

This little article is particularly interesting because I know a few Northwestern students. Weatherpop tells me it's currently 7 degrees in Evanston, IL - seems like a little "activity" might be a good way to warm up for the poor, "anon"ymous souls up there, Lightbox or not.

Chevy Truck Owners

Spotted today on the back of a Chevy truck: "Surgeon General never warned about smokin' the rock."

Here is an interesting Flash animation that illustrates in a comical fashion just what icons do when you're not looking. Someone made a comment on a mailing list about the "uselesness" and the "outdatedness" of the Desktop on Mac OS X. Now, I'm not one of those kinds of people that litter my desktop with […]

Where is Windows?

A woman buying a laptop the other day when I was in an Apple store kept asking "Where is Windows? Where is Windows?" The staff attempted to explain to her that they run a different OS, but if she really wanted to, she could run Windows. She finally realized that Windows was basically "missing" from […]

Lava Lamp Tourism

Tourists visiting the quiet town of Soap Lake, WA may soon find that the town has "erected" a giant lava lamp in the center of town to attract them (tourists, not erections). Talk about "is that your lava lamp or are you just happy to see me" at a commerce office level. I wonder how […]

New School Threat: Anal Exams?

Not exactly a school you want to be att, is it? The sign seen at right, as well as funny ad clippings, photographs, and more funny signs can all be seen at This site, though not updated since September 2002, maintains a fairly healthy collection of some funnier clippings, photos, and signs that I've […]

An American Crotch Rocket

Why? you might ask, well apparently jumping out of planes at high altitudes, with only an umbrella for a parachute wasn't quite dangerous enough. Which is why Dodge has built the Tomahawk. A machine made of nothing more than four wheels, handle bar, gas tank, and a 8.3 liter V-10 engine capable of 500 horsepower. […]