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TiVo Desktop

It seems TiVo Desktop is out. iTunes, iPhoto, etc. on your Series 2 TiVo. Because I have a Series 1, and because it's been modded (added an extra 80 GB drive), and because it's a "DirecTiVo" (TiVo + DirecTV receiver), I won't be partaking of the joy here. Oh well. 🙁

Phone Ban

MobileTracker has a little ditty on the possible Boston Mobile Phone Ban. It was my understanding that you could only be punished in NYC if your phone rang. Am I misunderstanding the NYC law?

GameBoy Advance SP

It seems that Chris Pirillo has picked up a GameBoy Advance SP. I got mine last Thursday and have been playing some golf - Mario Golf from the old days - on it. José recommends CyberTiger so as soon as I can find that for $14.99 or so I'll pick up a copy. I've got […]

Danger SDK

Nicholas Riley, Steven of Panic, and others are getting into some HipTop development. The SideKick as it is called by T-Mobile is easily one of my favorite gadgets even though I have little "real" use for it - I have a cell phone and a laptop, after all. However, when an SSH client comes out, […]

Giving up TV

There's an article on giving up TV. Many of the people in the comments section talk about how bad television has gotten, largely due to commercials. These people need a TiVo. I watch more TV now than ever. Before my TiVo, I too hated commercials. Now I can watch the shows I want to watch […]

Wired 2013 Wishlist

Wired has their Wishlist for 2013 up, and the top item is an Apple-made wristwatch PDA, phone, MP3 player, sous chef, and… well… watch. The other items include thin, flexible OLED displays, space-age contacts, and smart earplugs. Said Jamie: Jamie: oh geez Jamie: wish list for 2013... ha Jamie: at this rate.. they should have […]

World’s Thinnest Phone

Gizmodo notes the release of the world's thinnest GSM phone. From a company named Haier, the phone is just 12.9mm (about 0.511417326 inches). The P5 doubles as a voice recorder, and the photo to the right is a fake: it doesn't have a color screen. More false advertising! Well, it's not a real ad. Wait, […]

TiVo Rocks? Yes. Again.

Dan Isaacs loves his new TiVo. I'm not prone to over-excitement, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: having a TiVo changes your life. That porn you wanted to watch at 4am (cuz that's when all the good porn is on, naturally)? Now you can watch it at 3 in the afternoon […]

HipTop 1.0.1

Steven notes the arrival of HipTop 1.0.1. He doesn't, however, note the arrival of better T-Mobile coverage in my area or his. Oh well, we'll see. I've gotten some good uses out of the thing... Just wish I had a better reception in some other places.

Stuart Cheshire

5:56pm: Feanor: didn't Stuart Cheshire write Bolo? 5:56pm: Toad: up 5:56pm: Toad: yup 5:56pm: mikeash: indeed 5:56pm: Feanor: he wrote Rendezvous 5:56pm: mikeash: all hail King Stuart

Sega: “We are Too Wimpy”

Sez Sega: Sega of America today confirmed that it is pulling the entire Sega Sports lineup of games from Nintendo GameCube. The company said that it would continue to deliver high-quality 'entertainment' titles like Sonic the Hedgehog for the console. So what's that fricking leave me with? EA? Hey Sega: not got enough balls to […]

A few weeks ago I came across a few articles discussing females in programming, software development, or computing and technology in general. I haven't had the time, or really, the thoughts, to blow that into a full-fledged entry, so I'm going to do a bit of a link dump here with a bit of my […]

A Gaming Day

Today was a gaming day. I bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PS2 and found the game frustrating and annoying. I keep crouching when I mean to run, and I find it hard as hell to hit anyone with the guns. I bought NHL2K3 for the GameCube, and man has this game gotten […]

Imagination At Work

I remember playing with MacPaint. Largely, I remember how difficult it was to draw with a mouse, and sites like this: refresh that memory from time to time. The site allows you to draw with markers on a little page and email the picture, replay it, and do some other things. Why it exists […]

11-Digit Phone Numbers

A Slashdot article talks about the fact that New York City residents will soon be dialing 11 digits even to call their neighbors. Frankly, I couldn't care less, and I wish the phone systems of this country could simply settle on one darn standard. Case in point: I'm in the 561 area code. To call […]