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BBEdit is Old

I just realized that I've been using BBEdit for over 15 years now, and the software was already pretty old when I started using it.


And I still use it, and love it.

Every day.

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Only 90s Web Developers Remember This


A take-down of a take-down: Daring Fireball: From the Department of Fitting Facts to the Narrative

How Secure is iMessage?

More than people thought.

TL;DR version:

Too long, didnt read? Basically: Unless Apple is omitting something or there's some backdoor tucked into their many-layers-deep encryption (which, while unlikely, isn't inconceivable) they really can't read your iMessages without a fairly insane amount of effort. Sure, they could theoretically brute force their way past your private key. Or they could scrap the entire system and replace it with something with glaring security holes, and hope no one notices.

The details are in the full post.

Using Your Camera’s Flash More Effectively

You’re Using Your Camera’s Flash Wrong

Truth is, you shouldn't use the flash at a performance like that anyway. Not at a sports event, not at a school play, not on Broadway, not at fireworks, not at the Olympics — because your camera's flash is useless beyond about eight feet.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm telling you to turn off the flash when it's dark out, but to turn on the flash when it's sunny?

That's called a fill flash. Its purpose is to supply a little additional light for the subject to compensate for the overly bright background.

It's worth re-reading, especially as the iPhone's camera continues to get better in low-light situations.

Apple WWDC 1997

It's interesting to listen to that now, and see what Apple's done in the years since.

This part starts with an insult and shows how much Steve had matured even by 1997.

I wonder where the question-asker is today…

Stephen Wolfram Introduces the Wolfram Language

Impressive. Scary, too. This kind of stuff is an order of magnitude - or more - beyond what I sometimes feel I can even comprehend.

P.S. Imagine if Siri could actually tap into this.

Opt out of Dropbox Arbitration

The link is here:

No matter what they do (delete your data, privacy breach, overcharging, whatever), you don't get to sue. Instead, they get to choose the arbitrator according to whatever criteria they want, and thus any dispute is decided by someone they're paying.

The agreement we make with Dropbox is too important to be enforced only by an arbitrator of their choosing. You have 30 days from the date of notification to opt out of the arbitration clause.

clutter - Opt out of Dropbox's arbitration clause - Opt out of Dropbox's arbitration clause


Nobody's talking about iBeacon, but it could be huge.

pCell Technology

How Steve Perlman's "Revolutionary" Wireless Technology Works - and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes

The Pens’ Third and Fourth Lines

Elite Teams And Depth (Pittsburgh Isn't Good)

Soooo…at some point someone in Pittsburgh is going to say "Given that Crosby and Malkin were there when he got here, what HAS Ray Shero done to make the team better?" right? Pittsburgh's third and fourth lines were a disaster last year, their first without Jordan Staal (another player Pittsburgh just got by being terrible) and they're a mess again this year. They're markedly different than all of the other contenders. If the Pens lose in the playoffs, as they probably will, it will probably involve Crosby/Malkin having a few cold games (or Marc-Andre Fleury blowing up). When that happens, people will say "Gee, Malkin/Crosby/Fleury were terrible." Perhaps they should point out that Pittsburgh is trying to win with an abysmal bottom half of their team, which piles an awful lot of pressure on the other guys.

Agreed. A Second-round exit is waiting in the wings.

Joined AT&T’s New Family Plan

We just switched to AT&T's $100 (+$15/line) shared 10 GB data + unlimited talk/text plan.

It mad sense, when we mapped it all out. We may be buying our iPhones from here on out (though the AT&T Next plan simply has you paying the actual cost of the phone, not an uncharged amount, so it's basically a 0% loan you pay off over 21-27 months or so), and my mother-in-law kicked things off by buying an iPhone 5c.

I'll likely always have the new phone. The wife will get my old one. And my kiddo, who at 11 has her own cell phone to go with her own iPad mini, will get a phone that's between 1-2 years old.


10.9.2 and block-less ifs

OS X 10.9.2 arrives to fix SSL vulnerability, Mail problems, and more

The SSL thing has been making the rounds lately. It boils down to code that looked like this:

    do something;
    do something else;
else ...

…instead of…

    do something;
    do something else;
else ...

I've always hated leaving out the curly brackets… unless maybe you do it like AppleScript:

if myString is equal to "Do It!" then doSomething()

Design, by Apple

The Loop’s Steve Issue

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Steve Jobs and everything he did in his life, so I wanted to put together an issue of The Loop Magazine dedicated to Steve and his accomplishments. What better day to publish it than on Steve's birthday.

The Loop Magazine: Memories of Steve Jobs