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Rewilding in Australia and Elsewhere

Rewilding is a conservation theory which explores the idea that some important introduced species could be used to replace our missing or extinct native animals.

As an example, proponents of rewilding argue that Komodo dragons may fill the gap in Australia’s ecosystem left by Megalania, a giant goanna-like species that disappeared thousands of years ago.

More here.

HP Printer Software for Mac OS X 10.8

Printer and scanner software available for download

HP Printer Drivers v.2.14 for OS X

Designed by Apple in California

Designed by Apple

How Not to Run a Kickstarter Project – Pebble

I funded the project a long, long time ago. I participated in the voting for the special colors. I've done everything asked of me.

And what do I get in the end? A black watch, and a white watch on which I'm still waiting.

And now they'll be available to the general public in Best Buy of all places.

Backed this project over a year ago. Seeing my coworkers at BestBuy wear one before me really bums me out. Still waiting for my pebble.

I've never even worn my black one. It's not great. The software's been updated, and maybe it's better now than it was in the past, but… meh.

Anyone wanna buy a Black, virtually new Pebble? Or a white unopened Pebble?

Golf Life and 5 Simple Keys®

George Carlin on Stuff

An American Coach in London

That's funny.

It's too bad soccer has a diving/sissy problem. 🙁

15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes

Turn your sound down if there's a chance of waking or annoying someone.

I liked trying to guess them before looking at the name in the top left corner.

Ultimate Game of HORSE

Some of these shots might quite literally take me weeks to make.


Dear Me – Athletes Writing to Younger Selves

There are some particularly good letters among the tens published by ESPN.

Derek Jeter is a Horrible Defensive Shortstop

So says the Fielding Bible backed by four statistical studies.

Things like this are interesting. Advanced statistics are just now coming to hockey too, and they're equally interesting there.

Shark Week Promo Rehab Seal

Natalie thought this was a real newscast. 😛 😀

Driving Tips with Nate Doss

The Golfer and the Goose

This is the 4-minute animated short that Andrez Aguayo and I completed for our senior capstone class at DePaul University.

Feldberg Disc Driving Tips

Two good videos. These complement the one I posted yesterday.