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Miscellaneous Eve

Just some random things to make up for my complete lack of posting yesterday (The Steelers whupped that Tamba Bay Buccaneer team right good, I done say.)

Welcome Windows… Developers

Apple is pushing the "Switch" campaign to developers with this article on porting Win32 apps to the Mac. Geared towards "those first steps" with recommendations for the HIGs, some basic information on how the event models are different, and so on. Check it out and start coding, Windows guys. Oh, and welcome aboard.

Purple Shoes

rc_shoes.jpgTo the right you see the shoes I will be getting. They are replacing these shoes which are decidedly not "cobalt blue," but are instead quite purple.

Gabe and I won't be rock climbing this Tuesday (Christmas Eve) or maybe even next Tuesday (New Year's Eve). Hopefully we'll work in another day in the meanwhile. I've got my harness, my carabiner (that word is fun to say), my belay loop (ATC)... and my shoes will be replaced shortly. Oh, and my chalkbag (no chalk). Got that too.

Thanks Aaron for the help.

Open Source Everything!

In response to my previous post on open sourcing software, I decided to come up with a list of similar things to including the source code with all software.

If software was required to ship with the source code, then:

  • All novels should ship with every note and draft the author took during the writing of the book as well as any pertinent prior knowledge.
  • All music should ship with the tracks so that you can examine how they were mixed, the sheet music, and any edits made by the artist, producer, band, editor, lyricists, etc.
  • All DVDs should ship with a replica of the studios and people used to produce them. After all, how are we to know whether our Matrix Special Edition DVD is "well built" unless we can see how it is built?
  • Every electrical device we buy should come with blueprints for every piece, proprietary, patented, or otherwise.

Connel is a moron.

Get Off With Games

rez-vibrator.jpgMen sick of having their girlfriends or wives complain about the time they spend playing video games may want to pay attention to this article on GameGirl Advance.

Apparently, a PS2 game called "Rez" ships with a "vibrator." Yep, you heard me correctly: it comes with a vibrator. What's better, the vibrator reacts in accordance with how you're playing the game. Is pleasing your woman the primary use? Uhhh, probably not... But dammit if it's not a mighty fine idea! 🙂

Morons on Open Sourcing

Charles Connel uses an article entitled "All Source Code Should Be Open" to put in his bid for "Idiot of the Year" as far as I'm concerned. This article illustrates such a tremendous lack of understanding, lack of thought, and lack of the most common forms of common sense that the author should be open sourced. After all, maybe we'll be able to work out all the bugs in his thought process.

Snitches Win

Time's "Person of the Year" is actually three people this year: the whistleblowers at Enron, WorldCom, and the FBI. This time of year, if we're going to recognize whistleblowers as the Person of the Year, couldn't they be the ones we watch every Sunday? They've got more of an impact on my day to day life than these gals.

This is Sexy?

christina_a.jpgMaxim's January cover girl is Christina Aguilera. Y'know, the former Mouseketeer... the former "girl next door" and "nice Pittsburgh suburb" girl. True to form, Maxim has taken someone who can be completely adorable, and turned her into a heavy-eyeshadow-wearing vixen. And one could say Maxim showed her the way she's been showing herself lately, and that's something I'd agree with...

... but what ever happened to adorable? What ever happened to "girl next door" sexy? Am I the only guy alive that thinks "cuddly" is still sexy? That comfort breeds confidence - and a whole different kind of confidence that you don't get by covering up your bare breasts and flicking off the camera - and that this confidence is sexy?

Am I the only guy left that finds clothing sexier than the complete, utter lack of clothing? I mean, I love Maxim for the damn humor of it all, but aside from being able to see how big Christina's boobs really are... whoopty doo to the whole damn pictorial.

Status: Resolved

From my friend Aaron comes this whole entry…

I, Aaron Linville, am an official kernel hacker. In fact, if you are running Mac OS X (10.2.3) and viewing this webpage, you are using code that I've written. Of course you'll want proof of this, for that I have provided a PGP signed email from Apple.

Shein on Spam: Stupidity

Here is an interesting article. Not interesting because it's so right, but quite the opposite: interesting because the main subject, Barry Shein, is such an incredibly poor example of someone "fighting spam the right way" that the article is tainted beyond the point of recovery by his, i dunno, "crap."

Poof! Name that Movie

bnt.jpgThink you can name the movie you see to the right? Want to give it a shot, bucko? Go ahead, try your hand at "Invisibles" by Invisibles presents you with eight still shots from movies with all traces of flesh removed. All you see is costumes and scenery? Can you tell what the image to the right is (one of the easier ones from the 106th Invisibles challenge)? I got four out of eight (I wonder how picky they are on the spelling of things like "and" versus "And" versus "&"). Not too bad for my first shot, I think...

Legalities of Blogging

Beware or you too could get sued! This Washington Post article covers the legalities of blogging, and surmises that because most bloggers don't have a background in publishing, the laws affecting libel and the like are unknown to them. Ignorance does not make you innocent...


iConquer_screenshot_small.jpgiConquer is a pretty nifty little game of Risk that I've played off and on for five minutes at a time lately. At $12.99, it's fairly inexpensive, and is a great looking application capable of fitting on most Macs running OS X (beware early iBook/iMac users). What's better, the author recently presented at a BANG (Bay Area NeXT Group) meeting, and his slides are online.

Gullible Friends

Have any gullible friends (cough, ahem, Brad, cough) who aren't afraid of the Terminal (even though they should be, as this proves)? Tell them to run this:


foreach i (`cat /usr/share/dict/words`)
    touch $i

Tee hee hee. 🙂

Hacking XP

Could they make it any easier?

The first vulnerability is present in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This vulnerability can be exploited when a user simply lets the cursor hover over the file icon for the malicious MP3, or opens a folder where the file is stored.

Jeez… And people wonder why I run UotD (Unix on the Desktop). Y'know, Mac OS X.