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Big Weenie


I didn't get a weenie there, but I did get a nice bit of homemade custard in a waffle cone.

Your’s And Mine

Your's And Mine

One of the worst I've seen. I hope they didn't make this mistake on their business card, bank accounts, business records, etc.

Mike Reeder Plays St. Andrews

Well worth the 15 minutes:

Four for a Penny

Four for a penny! Now that's a deal!!!

Quarter Penny

Effecting vs. Affecting


Affecting something can produce effects.

Of course, one can have affectations, too.

Both can be a noun or a verb, but generally affect is the verb, effect is the noun.

Hank Haney Video That Ain’t Bad

Time-Warner Internet Speed

TW Internet Speed

I'd give up half of my download speed to double my upload speed. 😛

Lion’s “Today” Folders Goof Up Frequently

Lion Folders

Let's hope this is fixed before general release.

Update: Oops. It wasn't.

Will Smith Inspirations

Golf Cart Gaffes

I’m Score GIF

I'm Score.

Photography, Art, and Pixellated “Copies” That Aren’t

Some links on the Maisel/Baio thing that's been talked about lately.

I think Maisel had a right - perhaps "artist to artist" - to ask that the cover be pulled. But that's about it. The $32k? Puh-lease. Going way too far there.

IANAL, and I did read some things about "derivative" versus "transformative" that gave me pause. I think the, just based on what I know of those two words, the work was both derivative and transformative. That seems clear to me.

West Wing Summer Marathon

I've decided that, while I work, this summer I'm going to watch the entire series of West Wing ((Or at least up until the point at which Aaron Sorkin left the show and it started to suck.)) in a row.

I may follow that up with Sports Night. We shall see. 😉

Need a Good Brainy Smurf Icon

Anyone out there know of a good Brainy Smurf icon? I'll even take an easily extractable image. One that's a bit larger than the one on the Wikipedia page.

MobileMe Sync Ghost Finally Dead

I wrote about this sync issue back in April but I've finally resolved this nagging issue:

Sync Services

What finally did it?

This KBase article which had me eventually run this:

/System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ full

Thank goodness that's gone. I'm a bit anal about these types of things and that one was driving me nuts.