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Still haven't finished a bottle. And the next morning after my three glasses, I've woken up with a teeny tiny hangover.

Leap Day 2012

I know it's just a Wednesday, and making Leap Day a worldwide holiday would be irresponsible and silly, but then again, why not? Who doesn't need a little more silliness in their day to day lives?

Uhm, so, yeah.

Red Wine Drinker

I've decided that, three or four times a week, I'd like to drink a small glass of red wine (finishing off one bottle per week). I'll drink late at night when I'm sitting on the couch to watch a little TV (typically around 11 or 12) as I settle down before going to bed. I've […]

Entrepreneurial Kids

I love commercials with entrepreneurial kids. I was always selling things as a kid - homemade pot-holders, baseball cards in my neighborhood, ice cream social tickets, candy bars - and was quite good at it.

Workout Schedule

True or False: I maintain a regular exercise or workout schedule. True False View Results

I vaguely remember watching this. It wasn't as impressive at the time - I remember thinking more that it was odd she was wearing a track suit or something than how well she performed.

Lies Within Us

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kelly’s Quote

"If everyone was as brilliant as you and I, we wouldn't be brilliant anymore." Of course, the trick to applying this attitude effectively is to simply smile and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Gians Beat Patriots Again

I watched the Super Bowl at Dave's house, and a good time was had by all. I intentionally bet heavily in the pool on the Patriots, figuring that since I wanted the Giants to win (really, really dislike the Patriots), I'd be okay either way: I'd earn some cash or see the Pats lose. Kelly […]

PBJ Time

For those who know:

And Now the Work Begins

… right after I catch up on the stuff I missed last week.

Stephen Fry on Swearing

Stephen Fry from WikiQuote: Swearing is a really important part of one's life. It would be impossible to imagine going through life without swearing and without enjoying swearing… There used to be mad, silly, prissy people who used to say swearing was a sign of a poor vocabulary - such utter nonsense. The people I […]

This article does a good job of explaining things. I remember from Econ 101 in college that my professor said "the national debt isn't anything to worry about because governments don't have life expectancies." But Washington isn't just confused about the short run; it's also confused about the long run. For while debt can be […]

Yawn. Wake me up when it's 2020.

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