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On January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator. Here's one that should have been done earlier, but now it works nicely: Added exporting of selected subscriptions from the subscription manager. In other words, you can now […]

On January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator. Here's one of the most requested features: Added preference to turn off alternating background in article table Yes, you can now turn off the alternating blue/white background you […]

On January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator. Let's start things off with not one feature, but a collection of features: Added "Google This" to web view Changed mail article's subject to Fwd: article title Set […]

MailDrop 2.0b7

MailDrop 2.0b7 is now available. The full release of MailDrop 2.0 will occur on January 20, 2005. Introductory pricing ($20 off) between now and then. MailDrop 2.0, which currently uses Scott Stevenson's DataCrux adds a bunch of highly requested features, including: Multipart/MIME Conditionals support via PHP Inline attachments Smart (and Custom) Lists Unlimited custom variables […]

Public Notice

The home page of a company I'd only ever heard of a few times before today has taken a potshot at Apple for stupid things, and I'm bored enough to take a few pot shots back. My text appears in light grey. The release of Black & Bleu™ v10 marks the end of our participation […]

Wide View

Bill Bumgarner has also seen the advantages in using Rainer Brockerhoff's RBSplitView over the standard NSSplitView. PulpFiction 1.2 will remove our hacked up NSSplitView and use RBSplitView. The title of this post may give you a clue as to what this has allowed us to do. Total time to convert from our hacked up NSSplitView […]

I've concluded my search, and I've found nothing. I went looking for a class that could behave similarly to Photoshop's toolbar buttons. The critical characteristics include: Looks like a square button. Able to have a submenu and, also, to not. Able to display that menu after a given time period, not when clicking only on […]

"Gee, PulpFiction sure looks a lot like Mail!" Obviously, this was a goal of ours in the creation of PulpFiction. The downside to using Mail's familiar UI is that sometimes people say "PulpFiction treats your feeds like email." Y'see, that's not exactly true. PulpFiction has an interface like Mail - a drawer with folders and […]

Scott and I are kicking around an idea, and we'd like to consult with an OpenGL developer on a potential new business. I can't give away too many details, but the basics are this: Custom 3D software for vertical market Leverages Mac OS X/OpenGL Software used to leverage services or be sold outright Related question: […]


Jason Kottke has quoted me on RSS/Atom Ad (Blocking). It's true that we've had "filter ads" since before release (the picture shows 9-22-04, because that's the day we reinstalled Mantis, our bug-tracker - and you can see a few other features in the screenshot). He then asks another question of us: Newsreader makers… how will […]

Anyone Know Japanese?

If you're interested in helping us translate PulpFiction to Japanese, please contact me - erik:freshsqueeze:com (you should be able to figure that one out). We'd like to include the Japanese translation in the 1.2 release (mid-January or so).


Here's MailDrop 2's icon. Of course, it won't be 500 x 500 on your desktop or in your dock, but we've got it tweaked out pretty well. In the end, we decided to ditch the smile. It has more personality this way, Scott says. The document icon is coming along. MailDrop 2 is scheduled for […]

Now you can generate RSS feeds for both Google News and Amazon. Just plug 'em in to PulpFiction and away you go. PulpFiction 1.2 will be available in early January 2005 (we may release interstitial versions to those who ask politely in mid December). It will add several new features, including initial support for enclosures […]

Consider a Cocoa application I'll call "EggLoop." EggLoop sounds an NSBeep(); every x seconds, where x is set by the user in the application with a slider (from 1 to 999). This is easily done with a repeating NSTimer. Every x seconds, the NSTimer signals a "beep now" method and resets itself. Imagine that the […]

Golf statistics software, frankly, sucks. The best I've seen so far is actually an online piece of software. The best desktop software I've seen hasn't been updated in over two years. That all having been said, I'm curious to know whether someone would be interested in working with me on a Cocoa (thus Mac OS […]

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