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Perhaps I could eat cheesburger fries (use the user/pass "macnn") while looking over these free Cocoa frameworks from the author of Path Finder (an app I've never really liked much).

Fuckwad Customers

Sometimes you wish people wouldn't buy your software, because then you wouldn't have to put up with bullshit like this: I need this thing sent out today without question. If you cant pick up the phone and call me at an 800 number, I'm going to dispute the charges on the credit card and go […]


It's amazing, but some UIs keep getting better and better (and faster and faster) and some keep getting worse and worse. Look at some of those screenshots! What the hell is going on? It's tough to tell what you can click on, what does what, anything. It's horrible! I'm not exactly objective, but can someone […]

PGP and iWipe

Sometimes life is cool. Sometimes Philip Zimmermann emails you about one of your products. Sometimes that day is today.

FTPeel 1.0

FTPeel 1.0 is out. You can buy it, try it, or learn more about it. I would like to give a big thumbs up to Nick Zitzmann, who's worked tirelessly on FTPeel the past few months. After I handed over a code base - and a long list of things yet to be done - […]

Someone suggested on cocoa-dev the other day that OS developers should include licensing kits in their OSes so that developers don't have to "roll their own," often relying on "bad" things like the MAC address of the ethernet port or the hardware's serial number.

FTPeel PB 3 Out

FTPeel Public Beta 3 can be downloaded by clicking the picture. This one's got a lot of improvements and bug fixes, some of which I'll list here. Bug fixes: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred after closing a document when some other activity was occurring (like a download was going or a directory was being […]

James Duncan Davidson didn't get a chance to mention BackLight on TechTV's "The Screensavers," but it's on their site anyway. Of course, we're grateful to JDD for giving us a little mention. I could point out, too, that this is not the first time BackLight has been mentioned on TechTV. In fact, it's at least […]

Andy and I had a good discussion re: PulpFiction today. We both shared our opinions, we both agreed on what we feel are the best approaches, and in the end, PulpFiction is a simpler, more elegant, and also more cohesive, powerful piece of software. PulpFiction will only run on Panther, and as we sit around […]

Safe to say, I won't be visiting for software any time soon. From: Luca Torella <(removed)> Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 20:03:44 +0200 To: cocoa-dev Subject: toolbars in Cocoa Could somebody help me with Toolbars? Thanks, Luca. I'm reminded of some phrase with "helps those who help themselves"…

Kasia says that the worst part of any programming project is the beginning. I disagree - the worst part is the "middle." At the beginning, you say massive improvements. On the Mac, you can design your entire UI. Then you can wire things up. You see immediate, large leaps in your program. Sure, you don't […]

I make no bones about the fact that Freshly Squeezed Software is a small company. We're three people, really. But (roughly) so are other great Mac software development companies, like Panic and even Omni Group to a certain extent. Other companies are only one person.

Many people seem to think that an entire OS needs to be rewritten when the processors on which it runs switch from 32 to 64 bit. From what (very little) I know about OS and software development, that's simply not true. The primary reason to move an OS to a 64-bit processor is to allow […]

Advanced Cocoa

Aaron's written a new book, Core Mac OS X And Unix Programming (subtitled "Master Darwin and the Core Technologies"). I snagged a copy and am going to have a look at it in the next few days and weeks. This weekend especially. Besides, maybe I can snag a few ideas…

FTPeel PB 2 Out

As promised, FTPeel Public Beta 2 is now available. A big change list is available. Features to come before release (in a month or so) include: "Edit in BBEdit" functionality. More AppleScripting. Instant toggling between column/list views. A lot more… SFTP will be pushed back until a 1.1 release, most likely. Sorry.

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