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Kasia says that the worst part of any programming project is the beginning. I disagree - the worst part is the "middle." At the beginning, you say massive improvements. On the Mac, you can design your entire UI. Then you can wire things up. You see immediate, large leaps in your program. Sure, you don't […]

I make no bones about the fact that Freshly Squeezed Software is a small company. We're three people, really. But (roughly) so are other great Mac software development companies, like Panic and even Omni Group to a certain extent. Other companies are only one person.

Many people seem to think that an entire OS needs to be rewritten when the processors on which it runs switch from 32 to 64 bit. From what (very little) I know about OS and software development, that's simply not true. The primary reason to move an OS to a 64-bit processor is to allow […]

Advanced Cocoa

Aaron's written a new book, Core Mac OS X And Unix Programming (subtitled "Master Darwin and the Core Technologies"). I snagged a copy and am going to have a look at it in the next few days and weeks. This weekend especially. Besides, maybe I can snag a few ideas…

FTPeel PB 2 Out

As promised, FTPeel Public Beta 2 is now available. A big change list is available. Features to come before release (in a month or so) include: "Edit in BBEdit" functionality. More AppleScripting. Instant toggling between column/list views. A lot more… SFTP will be pushed back until a 1.1 release, most likely. Sorry. 🙁

FTPeel Public Beta 2 is coming real soon now. A quick list of some of the bigger fixes and updates: Some crashing bugs fixed. Some memory conserved (not leaked), etc. MagicMirror greatly improved (and now recursive as it should have been in the first verison). Directories can now be deleted. Usernames with "non-token" URL characters […]

From a mailing list I'm on: …my failure to find a suitable starting point drove me to Java. I've not delved too deep (chewing on OO topics more than anything) but having to tackle the whole of C before beginning on Objective-C seems daunting. Thing is, "the whole of C" can be learned quite easily […]


If you're going to write such a short review, why write a review at all? As to the "elite ebanks" gentleman who commented, I am 100% positive that he never wrote (nor did he buy the software according to our records). Our metrics for customer response: over 90% of those who write in are replied […]

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw an Andrew Stone: In all likelihood, this is the last of Andrew Stone's weblog entries I will ever read. I'm tired of listening to him insult and belittle long-time Mac developers who have done and are doing much more for the platform than Andrew Stone has ever […]

iWipe 1.0.1

iWipe 1.0.1 is out. Grab a copy if you're so inclined… The changes & fixes? I'm glad you asked: Fixed bug with disks of same size Fixed bug when deleting files not on boot partition Fixed horizontal scrolling in files table Improved the look of icons in files table Improved scrolling speed of files table […]

I've had the chance to read Cocoa in a Nutshell since Saturday (I'm about 1/4 of the way through). So far, I'd say that I can highly recommend this book. James Duncan Davidson does the first chapter and Mike Beam tackles the rest, with editing by esteemed colleagues Malcolm Crawford, Scott Anguish, etc. This book […]

I've got a test application. It's got two text fields and two checkboxes. One would have sufficed, but I wanted to add another method of "entering" text - by tabbing to the other text field. I've got undo working for the checkboxes and text fields. I've got AppleScript working for both. I've got a full […]


One of the rules of customer service (and common sense): never promise that something is (or will be) "bug-free." Duh. I guess Alberto at Ovolab is about to learn this lesson the hard way: We are fixing the problem many AAChoo users experienced, which made the application unexpectedly quit on certain machines. We are sorry […]


I continued working on the core UI for MailDrop 2.0 today. I added outlets to some more checkboxes and text fields and made them undoable. With a strong MVC background, "undo" is a fairly easy but - repeat after me - T E D I O U S task. I have about fourteen thousand lines […]

WebKit Out?

Is WebKit out? The [ed:deleted] guy seems to think so [ed: link removed]. Jeff pointed me at that entry minutes ago, yet I can't find any indication on Apple's developer Web site that the WebKit SDK is available. I've got a software seed key and everything. Perhaps this guy can clarify? Update: removed identifying information […]