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So, it seems to me that with a level of 3, a great many people have trouble breaking 20,000 points. The Rock Star high scores list really only has three names on it: Jeff Linakis, myself, and "DAE." What gives, people? Are none of you shamed into competing for higher scores? No wonder very few […]

FTPeel 1.1.2

FTPeel 1.1.2 is out. Numerous bug fixes are included in this build (even though 1.1.1 is only a week old). I've emphasized the most important: Fixed an FTP-SSL server text parsing bug. The transfer status in the Transfers panel should be more accurate now. Fixed a bug that was preventing directory downloads and uploads from […]

I’d Buy It If…

From Brent Simmons' list of "I'd Buy it If" tactics comes this: I just played the demo of your game "Rock Star" and I enjoy it immensely! 🙂 However, there is one feature that kind of ruins it for me… I think you should allow people to to turn off the "disappearing answer options." I […]


As PulpFiction's deadline nears (we're shooting for March 1, which of course means sometime in August), we're weighing the two primary forms of documentation: a PDF document* or a series of HTML documents. PDFs are great in 10.3. Preview allows people to load PDFs quickly and perform live searches. PDF documnts can be copied or […]

Magic Mirrors

Says one person on FTPeel's MacUpdate page: One word: Perfect. Magic Mirrors are of the gods. Several years ago I wrote to Cabel at Panic and said "hey, I have an idea." My idea was what is now a feature in my product: Magic Mirror in FTPeel. I said that an option to run Transmit […]

FSS Goes Update Crazy!

Freshly Squeezed Software has gone update crazy! Today we're releasing FTPeel 1.1.1, MailDrop 1.3.2, and Rock Star 1.0. A bit on each: Rock Star 1.0 [info | download] This game's gotten quite a bit of coverage the past few weeks here on NSLog();, so I won't belabor the point here. Most of you know what […]

RSS and Browsers

In John's preview of OmniWeb 5, he touches briefly on the OmniGroup's "support" for RSS: OmniWeb 5 supports RSS, but not well. It auto-detects RSS feeds, which is great, but it doesn’t allow you to subscribe to them in standalone newsreaders… the right way to do this is to support standalone clients (probably via the […]

Rock Star High Scores

Gabe took the early lead, but I've pulled ahead of him. Witness my several close calls. And Eric Blair, you doofus. You're in the freaking About Box and you were the first to buy a copy? Doofus! You missed the asterisk, I guess.

Rock Star: Thursday

Rock Star is "kinda out." We're doing a soft release on this one for a few reasons: to iron out any remaining issues (we think that there are none, but we want to be sure), as well as to give the readers of this blog a bit more time to get Rock Star for only […]

Bezier Arrows

Just a bookmark for myself: NSBezierPath Arrows. Says Alastair: One question that has popped-up on Apple's cocoa-dev mailing list a couple of times is how to put arrows on the ends of lines. Some operating systems have built-in support for arrows, but Cocoa and Core Graphics, in common with their PostScript and PDF roots, do […]

Or so sez this article. Hooey, I say. Software development has yet to conquer the worlds of robotics, true AI, speech synthesis and recognition, language translation. While software is easier to build these days, it's also more difficult - and until software can create software (at a user's direction), we've got that as another signpost […]

PF Icon: Final

So here ya go: the final PulpFiction icon. We took some suggestions on the wording, bumped up the vibrancy, and added a half-tone per some suggestions from the previous version. What do you think? We're very pleased. Development on PulpFiction is in full swing as some tail ends are tied on Rock Star. We're squeezin' […]

Rock Star is nearly complete (we hope to release next Tuesday), but in the meantime I thought I'd kick off a little contest. Let's call it the "Give Rock Star Some Makeup" contest. Most of the Rock Star interface is a bunch of TIFFs, so contestants will simply need to submit a folder full-of-TIFFs for […]

Basecamp Launches

Basecamp launched today. It still looks interesting as I begin using it. They've got some issues with text formatting (sometimes I want a * to be a *, dammit, and I have yet to successfully mix *lists with *bold* text). I'd like to create a different look per project, to assign different leads per-project, and […]

There comes a point, very early on in every Cocoa project (especially), when you've gotta make a binary decision: is my application document-based or not? Web browser? Document-based (content = web pages). Word Processor? Document-based. iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD? Not document-based. Things get blurry, though, when you venture into other realms. Are applications like Mail, iChat, […]