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Archive for February, 2003

Lameass Guys

All too often, I could lump myself into this group. Men, that article surmises, are turning into pussies. Frankly, I'm comfortable with myself, and I bond with people very quickly, but a very small percentage of people in the world. Actually, I'd consider it a normal amount; I just have stronger feelings from having learned […]

Two Safari Issues

Two Safari issues that have come to mind lately: When I hit reload, the page that I'm staring at should be reloaded, not a URL that may have auto-completed from some random keystrokes in my location bar. This bug drives me mad sometimes! The service "shift-cmd-L" to "Open URL in Safari" should attempt to work […]

Fun with CSS: Link ToolTips

Nice titles is a nifty little "trick" to override the tooltips you sometimes see in browsers with "title" attributes. Thanks to Brad Lauster I've got them (kinda) working in Safari. David Hyatt indicates that they will work in Safari shortly as found at Brad Choate's site. I originally became interested from inluminent, which links to […]


Not something I plan to talk about a whole lot, the Blogger/Google thing, because this quote may just sum it up entirely: Google lives or dies on fresh links - and processing the million or so weblogs will give them an awful lot of fresh links a day. No matter where you host your Blogger […]

I am OS X

I am OS X! Find out what OS you are at this silly little quiz. The first time I took the quiz, I think it told me that I was OS/2. 🙂 I've taken a few quizzes at emode, too, and the results are sometimes interesting. I'm an "adventurous" driver, and a "romantic" kisser, whose […]

Out of the blue this evening we learn that Google has bought Blogger. What the hell they're going to do with it is beyond me, but this could be a pretty interesting step towards legitimizing blogging in the minds of many. I wonder if Evan is now a rich man…

I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't need a special day - one that's overcommercialized and frought with greed, not love - to affirm your affection for someone. It should be a daily event. It is for this same reason, roughly, that I don't care for the commercialization of Christmas either. Why should I feel […]

Chimera Now Camino?

Chimera is going to be renamed "Camino"? It is so (preliminally anyway), according to Mike Pinkerton.


Annie sent me this link to cute pictures of puppies. They're all from a fish-eye or wide-angle lens, and they're pretty adorable. She mentioned yesterday that she might get one (today) fairly out of the blue, and I kind of went into a mini "you're not prepared for a dog! Do some damn research!" tirade. […]

Problems with

Every post I've made today has generated this error: Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 500 read timeout. MovableType automatically pings Why it's stopped working today is beyond me. Does anyone have any information?

Safari to 47%: No says Andreessen

Says Marc Andreessen in a Wired interview: Andreeseen: I think it's so funny that Apple comes out with a new browser in 2003. Where were you guys six years ago? I wish them the best, but it's not as if you're about to see Safari go from 0 percent market share to 47 percent. I […]

Survivor: Amazon (I don't know what number this one is&hellip six? seven?) kicked off last night. Nick has some thoughts on it here, to which I want to add. Like Nick, I was prepared to give the women a chance, and fully prepared to rag on the guys for being dumbasses. As it ended up, […]

AppleScript Issue: 10.2.4 No Help

10.2.4 didn't fix my AppleScript issue: an empty list is returned from this: property logsFolder : "Gaia:Users:iacas:Library:Application Support:Adium:Users:iacas:Logs:" set cutoffDate to ( (current date) - (60 * days) ) tell application "Finder" delete (files of folder logsFolder whose modification date < cutoffDate) end tell

Apple UI “Experimentation”

A brief retort to the ramblings of Vinay, Matt, and myself was published yesterday (TrackBacks rock). The author seems to feel that "experimentation" is good. I agree! However, the "experimentation" umbrella really can't logically cover the following cases: The start/end Ken Burns radio buttons in iMovie The metal buttons in iChat The use of TIFFs […]

Sore Forearms

Gabe and I went climbing again yesterday. This was now our sixth time, I believe. Our skills are certainly improving. It's interesting how quickly you can improve, though it is early on and I suspect there's a learning curve that's quite shallow at first, then stiffens up. We're now climbing most 5.8 routes without too […]