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Archive for February, 2003

Shareware Dead? A Bit Late, Slava

Slava Karpenko, admired h4x0r for various Unsanity plugins and MacAssed, errr, MacAST, is a bit late in proclaiming shareware dead. Clue to Slava: shareware died when the Internet became popular. As many MacAddict discs as are dumped on the world per month, the truth remains that the way "shareware" was "shared" - giving your friend […]

Survivor 6, Chapter 2

Like Nick, I decided to tune in to this week's Survivor to see how stupid the contestants could be. I'm writing this "live" as I watch it at 8:20 on a Friday morning. The women have been sleeping outside for four days now. They basically have a few sticks a foot off the ground for […]

Climbing: A 5.8- Day

So, being Thursday, Gabe and I went rock climbing. Gabe exceeded his previous abilities and did a 5.9 today - very impressive. It looked much tougher than he made it look after climbing it, that's for sure. I failed to get up some of the 5.8's I did previously - it was hot, and on […]

MT 2.6.2 and Comments

MovableType 2.6.2 seems to be stripping the smileys from my blog's comments. Just the comments - they work fine in my regular posts: O:-) >:-o 😐 😀 :-O 🙁 B-) 🙂 😛 😉 :-zzz I'm not sure what's going on there: comments are set to "Convert Line Breaks" by default, HTML is turned off, auto-link […]

My PowerMate

I got a $50 Apple Store gift card recently, and I bought a 5-pack of DVDs (still a few West Wings to go, and a new one every week) and a Griffin Technology PowerMate. I didn't see the use for it, but so many people said "it works great, try it" that I took the […]

Trista Picks Ryan

I'm a romantic guy at heart, so I was glad to see the slickster Charlie, as good as he seemed, chucked to the curb. I can't imagine what his dating life will be like for the next few months - women will be throwing themselves at him, and that's not a good thing if you're […]

Microsoft Buys Connectix?

Not quite, but just about: they bought VirtualPC from Connectix, or so sez CRN in this article (various other articles around the Web are linking to various articles). Sez Dan Crevier of the Mac BU: The Mac VPC team will be joining MacBU. The development team will be reporting to me. Don't worry, it's not […]

The U.S.

I'm not terribly political, and so I tend not to blog on things political. Iraq, 9/11, whatever. I tend to have my own opinions based on very little information, and thus not ready to be shared. That having been said, my dad took a pretty nifty picture recently that I'd like to share. And that's […]


I have named my new 12" PowerBook "Yow." It's a play on the Yao (Ming/Verne Troyer) commercial, and also indicative of my reaction when I saw the MWSF keynote address. My desktop remains "Gaia" (my world is on the thing - and the backup is "Monde" - French for the same thing, roughly). My external […]


I am testing out Jive with the Swedish Chef (Valley Girl was disappointing) option. Let's see how this comes out, ok? As a test, here's what it generated from a previous post... Inceedentelly, I ounly cell heem a sluot becuose-a he-a nefer seems cepeble-a ouff seying unyzeeng bed ibuout MEEcrusufft. He-a's celled me-a un OuS […]

Outperforming Current Intel Stuff

Says the Microsoft Slut Robert Scoble: Well, I've had some sneaks behind the scenes (not official ones, though). Apple has some cool stuff coming this year to be sure -- including some desktop machines that are outperforming current Intel stuff. Incidentally, I only call him a slut because he never seems capable of saying anything […]

iPhoto for Windows

From the "Gee, this can't be legal" files comes: Find out more here. I've sent an email to (update: it bounced back).

In-Flight Broadband

I read an article about Boeing rolling out its 802.11b Internet access in airlines (in Britain for now, I guess), and I wondered if 9/11 would have happened - or if it would have been as bad - had everyone on that plane had access to the Internet - to friends on instant messaging clients, […]

Me, Google, and Blogging

They say Google lives on fresh links, and I guess you could say I've been linked to a few times lately. But here's a resulting curiosity: Google on "metal mac os x hig" and the first result (or two, depending on how you count) is this very site. Y'know, content that was published all of […]

Going Down?

Had to blog this one before I forgot about it (even though it took me long enough). Originally seen here on Vinay's blog, the image to the right is nothing more than a simple advertisement for vodka. The man is having a glass, enjoying himself, and looking at the stars. Or at least that's what […]