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Archive for February, 2003

MovableType 2.6

MovableType 2.6 is now available. I've just completed (I think) the upgrade to this site. I had to reset the comment form to include the new style, but otherwise, I just wrote over old files with new files. The upgrade went pretty seamlessly. I don't plan to use the text formatting features (I do use […]

TrackBacks and AutoDiscovery

Ben has an entry here about TrackBack and auto-discovery. Overall, auto-discovery works pretty well. I don't concern myself with finding TrackBack URLs unless I notice a site didn't get pinged. What I dislike, however, is that trackbacks aren't sent within my site. If I link to a previous article, why isn't it sent a TrackBack? […]

My PowerBook Shipped

Yay! About two weeks instead of the "2-4" listed. Yay! I think everything I've ever ordered from Apple that's come through Taiwan has been "received after FedEx cutoff time." Hrm. But my last PowerBook actually arrived before it was shipped due to the date line. I paid for 2-day: guess I'll get it Monday? Arrived […]

Mac UI Round-Up: OSNews

Given that OSNews is now linking to some mini-rants by Vinay, Matt, and myself, I thought I'd pull them all (the ones I find anyway, to this point) into one post. My posts, anyway - hit the trackbacks and links in the articles themselves to find most or all of Matt's and Vinay's. "You Can't […]

Here's one for the conspiracy folks. A former manager at Microsoft unexpectedly died at a hospital due to multiple organ failure. The conspiracy part? He was out on bail when he died. His alleged crime was stealing 9 * 10 ^ 6 dollars worth of software from Microsoft and reselling it. Perhaps this is Microsoft's […]


I farted, did you? While my sister and I were encouraged to use words like "penis" instead of "binky" as children, because genitals (there's another) were nothing unusual or immature (unlike "peepee"), we were forbidden to use the word "fart." So naturally, even though I don't like the sound of the word, we used it […]

Safari Updates

Safari was updated today, and while it contains a lot of fixes and features (like being able to drag and drop text, a longer than 30-second timeout [I think]), support for XML and 96 dpi stuff [it seems]), perhaps one of the best features is that it now tiles properly. New windows are opened in […]

More Bad UI

Does the button to the right look "enabled" to you? Does it even look like a button? It looks to me to be "greyed" or "dimmed" - states that we've been conditioned to believe are "disabled" on the Mac. Unfortunately, in this case, it's a perfectly active button! I say "bah." I say "fix it." […]

Foreign Languages

From Aaron, a small survey of some popular European languages: Spanish: Everything you say makes you sound hungry. Russian: There are 33 different ways to say, "Comrade, pass the Vodka or I shoot you." French: Every French sentence carries the implicit connotation that you want to have sex with the person you are talking to. […]

More on Apple UI

Vinay finishes up his big post on Apple's dip in UI quality with this: apple is still the premiere user interface company. they still pay a lot of attention to the user interface and human computer interaction. they're just losing their touch, and need to pay more attention to what they are doing with all […]

I Went to a Basketball Game…

&hellip and a fight broke out. Basketball is perhaps the only sport I don't watch on television when I catch it - I'd rather watch curling than basketball - and a bunch of tall skinny people getting into a fight doesn't make it any more interesting. 3 on 3, though, that might be fun to […]


NetNewsWire (Pro) - $29.95 or $39.95 if you dilly-dally - is now available from I've been using every beta, and frankly, I would continue using the Lite version if it had the subject/creator/date headers. As it stands, I coughed up my $29.95, not necessarily because I had to or even wanted to (to use […]

Identity Theft

Today I was delivered a piece of paper by the folks that service my student loans (interest is tax deductible, or something like that). It came on a little postcard with a perforated side that I had to open to get at the inside. The inside, like most 1099s or other tax forms, listed my […]

It’s My Site: I’ll Do What I Want

From the "I'll Do What I Want With My Own Damn Site and If You Don't Like It You Can Leave" file comes this: First off, every time we post something on OSNews that isn't strictly "OS news" there are always a couple of people who post and complain about it. Note to these people: […]

Living in Florida

As I pulled into the Albertson's (grocery chain) at noon last week Tuesday it struck me how full the parking lot was. Ahhh, old people. Boy do I dislike the "winter" season in southern Florida. I must remind myself to stock up on food between the months of April through September this year, because the […]