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Archive for February, 2003

Bookie 1.1

Bookie 1.1 is now available. This free update adds support for Chimera, Omn, and Mozilla, adding on to the previous Safari support. Heck, the only browser we don't really support at this point is Internet Explorer. And iCab. And Opera. And Lynx. And CyberDog. No wait, we support the last one… 🙂 The next challenge […]

Mario Kart

And while I'm on the subject of video games (see previous rant about how lame Sega and EA are being towards the GameCube), let me wonder aloud just when the heck I'm going to get to play Mario Kart on my GameCube. Other games I am anticipating include: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Mario […]


It's weird being PowerBook-less. I never used the PB much, but just as I intend to go watch Boston Public while writing a longer blog entry about Mario Kart, I realize I can't. The guy I sold it to got it today. Yay for him! Now, where in the heck is my 12", Apple? C'mon… […]

Sega: “We are Too Wimpy”

Sez Sega: Sega of America today confirmed that it is pulling the entire Sega Sports lineup of games from Nintendo GameCube. The company said that it would continue to deliver high-quality 'entertainment' titles like Sonic the Hedgehog for the console. So what's that fricking leave me with? EA? Hey Sega: not got enough balls to […]

Vehicle Registration

$77.70 later, my two vehicles are now legally registered through March, 2004. I rode one of my vehicles - my scooter - to the tax collector's office just before noon to pay the fees. It was literally running on fumes - I haven't filled it up in nearly three months - and I barely made […]

Mac OS X: Where’d Our UI Go?

Matt and I were IMing today regarding Apple's blatant disregard for its own UI lately. Matt's got a further post up here, called "Death of a Dogcow," in which he lists three primary flaws and many other smaller ones. Let's investigate a bit more.

Dude, You’re Getting a Cell!

Benjamin Curtis, "the Dell Dude," has been busted for possession of the Mary Jane. For carrying the fuzzy leaf. For transporting the heavenly hemp. Can you tell how little I know about marijuana? Ellen Feiss was just on Benedryl. This guy, well… I guess he needed to be tripping to actually convince himself that a […]

Seen on the back of a GMC Safari today while driving back from Einstein Bagels: : YMMV :–)

Minority Report

Watched Minority Report today. Found it rather boring. The few little plot twists were all saved for the end, and frankly, if you think you're going to kill someone, and you saw yourself do it, and you were once grabbed by the guy trying to kill himself, wouldn't you stand further away and protect the […]

A few weeks ago I came across a few articles discussing females in programming, software development, or computing and technology in general. I haven't had the time, or really, the thoughts, to blow that into a full-fledged entry, so I'm going to do a bit of a link dump here with a bit of my […]

No Bush

There's something ironic about 30 naked women spelling out "no bush." Oh, that bush. Gotcha. From a story on Yahoo. Look at a Playboy from ten years ago, and look at one now. Look at the decreasing amount of pubic hair on "today's woman" versus "the one of yesterdecade." The benefits of going hairless or […]

A Woman’s Walk

I walked over to Gabe's today to drop off my rock climbing harness so that he could do some comparison shopping. I saw a woman walking across the thought occurred to me that she was an athletic woman. I even caught myself thinking, not terribly seriously, "25% chance she's a butch." Why? Mostly because she […]

Sounds Like a Deal

I've often said that geeks make the best lovers (just be sure to ask at a time other than "THE NEW QUAKE IS OUT! LAN PARTY!"). After all, they've often got no choice: please the gal or guy they've got at that moment, or go another decade or so without the chance to try again. […]

Rent a Country

This seems like something Microsoft would be up for. Does Liechtenstein offer a Rent-to-Own option?

PBZone: Decency? What’s That?

Adam posts a story about an Apple Store employee in North Carolina who was fired for ostensibly accidentally posting screenshots of internal tools to his personal, public Web site. While I in no way believe that he was in the right to do so, and while I in no way believe that Apple was anything […]