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Archive for July, 2004

QotD: Horse

Question: If you were given a racehorse, what would you name it? My Answer: I've always thought the name "Greased Lightning" was appropriate for anything in a race, regardless of the fact that John Travolta sang it. ::shudder:: You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

I've "rented" and returned 19 movies in the three months I've had NetFlix. I think my first month was $19.95, and later months became $21.95. Total cost: $64. Had I rented the same movies at Blockbuster or via DirecTV Pay-Per-View, I'd have paid $3.99 apiece: about $76. Not a big savings, but fairly convenient - […]

Cleveland Plain Dealer

I don't care for Cleveland, and I don't care for The Cleveland Plain Dealer: I was wondering if you would make a posting commenting on the fact that the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper published a list of all the people with Concealed Handgun Licenses in Northeast Ohio… In Ohio only the media has access to […]

QotD: History

Question: If you could change the mind of one person from history on one issue, who and what issue would you pick and why? My Answer: The geek side of me wants to say "Steve Jobs decision not to license the Mac OS." But, then again, I really like where the Mac is now, so […]

LaunchBar and Party Shuffle

I love iTunes' Party Shuffle mode. I love LaunchBar. Why oh why can't the two work together? When I locate an MP3 or AAC file to play, why can't LaunchBar allow me to "Play next in party shuffle" as iTunes can? Short of setting all of my MP3s to open with some AppleScript that accomplishes […]

The Quality of Fans

Carey and I went to the Pirates/Braves game on Wednesday, July 28th. I took a few shots of the game, and this is my favorite. The Pirates left 11 men on base and Perez pitched wonderfully, but a solo HR in the 4th was the deciding factor in the 1-0 loss. What struck me most, […]

QotD: QotD

Question: Should "QotDs" (here, on this blog) continue? My Answer: I like 'em, so put one in the "yes" column. But, hey, we'll see. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Funny Meats

Question: What's the most unusual meat you've ever eaten? My Answer: I've had octopus, alligator, and shark. The rest are fairly normal. I've eaten rabbit, too, which may seem weird to some people (it's quite good cooked on a bed of rice). I'm always reminded of a bumper sticker when I think about eating animals… […]

QotD: MT 3.1

Question: Are you excited about MovableType 3.1? My Answer: Yep. I am guessing that the PHP generation will require some exploration, and I think I'm only interested in two of the plugins (MT-B, which I'm currently running, and the graphing one KoalaRainbow). I dunno. I'll know more when it's closer to release. You are encouraged […]

Trip Update

Carey and I saw The Notebook yesterday. I had a tear or two at the end (which I'll try not to spoil) and we held each other through the entire film. It was a good movie and one I really enjoyed seeing with Carey. I used to watch sappy, romantic, heartstring-tugging movies like The Notebook […]

QotD: Bernie Goetz

Question: What do you remember of the Bernie Goetz situation? My Answer: I don't remember much, but I've recently done a good amount of reading on the situation (and resulting trial) and am interested to see what people remember. Please answer this question from your memory (i.e. don't go Googling). You are encouraged to answer […]

QotD: Habit

Question: What one thing do you most wish to do for the rest of your life? My Answer: Tell Carey "I love you" (and mean it). Of course, my silly answers would be something like "breathe" and "live" and so on, but if I can tell Carey that I love her every day for the […]

QotD: Vacation

Question: Where did you go on your last non-working vacation, and how long ago was it? My Answer: Right now to visit Carey in Pennsylvania (there Josh!). Prior to that, I think my last vacation was the summer before my senior year in college when my family went to Hawaii. It has pretty much been […]

QotD: DH

Question: What do you think of the DH rule? My Answer: Fuck it. It's an abomination. AL Pitchers should learn to at least bunt for crissakes. The fundamental nature of the game is changed when you have someone who merely hits and someone who merely pitches. The DH has extended the careers of people who […]

QotD: Deceit

Question: What is the most deceitful thing you've ever done? My Answer: I've lied to friends about surprise parties and things like that, but I can't say I've ever really done something deceitful. The upside to being an honest person to the core (even when I should keep my mouth shut) is that I tend […]