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Archive for July, 2004

Back in PA

My planes arrived on time and I'm back in Erie for a few days (eight). I feel like it's been so long since I last saw Carey, and we both acted a little oddly around each other the first few hours (mostly her). And then [censored]. 😀 Anyway, I'm in a pretty good mood today. […]

QotD: House Fire

Question: If your house was on fire and you could grab only five things, what would they be? My Answer: First would be my dog Flint, of course. Second would be my computer (yeah, I've got backups, but that'd be a pain in the ass). Next up we've got three fairly random things: my ammunition […]

PulpFiction 1.0.1 is now available. This version is effectively a rewrite of version 1.0: we've moved entirely to bindings to simplify and speed up the display of articles, we've implemented our own protocols for the built-in browser, we've overhauled the CSS display mechanisms, and much, much, much more. If we were to document every change, […]

Xcode Stability

QotD: Steak

Question: What is your favorite kind of steak? My Answer: At the Outback, I always always always get the Melbourne, a 20 oz. porterhouse. At nearly every other steakhouse, I'll get the prime rib. I like juicy, rare-cooked steak. I'd like the filets more if they weren't so damn small. You are encouraged to answer […]

I swear to $DEITY, that's the headline.


Rob and I went shooting today. We played a game he called "cricket" wherein you have anywhere from 4 to 10 targets, and you have to make them in order to continue on to the next one. Of course, if you think you've made one you can move on, but if you end up being […]

QotD: President

Question: Who was the greatest President of the United States? My Answer: I've been alive for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bush Number 1, Clinton, and Bush Number 2. Of those, Ronald Reagan was clearly the greatest president. Going back, well, I have only what the history books tell me, but from what I remember of […]

iPod Etiquette

It's "official" too as it comes from Apple: Remove both earbuds: During a job interview Taking your driver's test When your sweetie calls Remove one earbud: Listening for your flight Buying groceries When a coworker calls Leave 'em in: Visiting the inlaws At the laundromat When your boss calls

Random Ramblings

None of these deserve a full entry, so here we go, piecemeal: I picked up 500 rounds of Winchester 9mms for $69.90 at Bass Pro today. Only two weeks ago they were something like $79.90, so, yay. I also picked up an SKB lockable two-handgun case, and I think I may take the guns with […]

QotD: Bartlet

Question: Would you rather vote for Jed Bartlet (let's pretend it's the re-election year, after the MS thing, and not the first go-round) or John Kerry for the Democratic nominee? My Answer: Bartlet. Easily. I may not agree with all or even most of his stances on things (in, yes, a fictional TV show), but […]

Through the years Freshly Squeezed Software has been with eSellerate, several customers have written in concerned that when they click "Buy" they're taken to a site that looks and feels wholly different (eSellerate). Some get confused, and some just leave. We track the number of people that visit the store via our site, and a […]

Fishing Tomorrow

After a long absence from the scene, I'm finally going fishing tomorrow. I've always found that I tend to function better and get more done when I have a very busy schedule. For example, when working five days a week, there was barely a week I didn't go fishing once or even twice. Since moving […]

My Favorite BBEdit Script

This script, in combination with FTPeel's Magic Mirror feature, comes in quite handy: set filepath to "" tell application "BBEdit"     save front document     set filepath to file of front document end tell tell application "FTPeel"     open filepath end tell I've saved it as shift-command-S (which BBEdit uses as "Save to FTP Server" anyway). Update for […]


I was reading this mini-rant against BBEdit when I read this: I prefer SubEthaEdit. Its got everything I needed from BBEdit, and extra networking functionality (a couple of my mac buddies from school share and take notes together during class on our powerbooks)… What a great friggin' idea! Holy cow! Oh wait, I was the […]